Review: Redwall: The Graphic Novel

Series: Redwall: #1.1

Oh, that’s a great story. I read it long ago and listened to it a couple years ago. It’s a great story of animals basically doing the human thing in and around an abbey run by mice. It’s great fun so long as you don’t think too long and hard about which animals are sentient and which aren’t and how the vast differences in scale and lack of opposable thumbs could possibly work… but other than that, it’s great fun.

Formatwise, I’ve read a few graphic novel adaptations of novels and usually they feel a little lackluster (White Sand and Storm Front (Graphic Novel)) as two examples), but if anything was going to work, this was it. It’s already a lighter fantasy world with lots of light riddles and actions and over the top characters that fit just fine with graphic novels. And it pays off. As an introduction to this world, it’s a great alternative. It’s just so fun to see pictures of how someone else saw all of the characters from this world.

Well worth the read.

Thoughts as I read (potential spoilers):

Book One: The Wall

Oh, this is a story that might make the transition to graphic novel very well. I’m hopeful!

Oooh. Cluny the Scourge!

And Basil Stag Hare!

The gang is just about all here. Certainly quicker than in the novel, but it’s quite enjoyable to see them all.

Book Two: The Quest

Riddles! A Redwall staple.

Jess and Silent Sam! The Foxes! Warbeak! Log-a-Log and the Shrews! There’s just so much in these books.

Book Three: The Warrior

Squire Julian!

Oh this book.