Review: Locke & Key: Season 1

Series: Locke & Key (TV): #1

I really enjoyed the Locke & Key graphic novels, so of course I had to give the TV show a try. Turns out: also really good. While they changed a few things with the details of how the keys worked that are probably more efficient to do in TV (not opening the tops of people’s heads for instance), it’s still got the same wonderfully creepy dark magical vibe. I do love the actors–Bode in particular does his part very well, as do his siblings.

Man that’s a crazy show. Well worth the show (warning, it is dark, although not overly graphic). On to season 2!

Reviews of individual episodes (potential spoilers if you read them all ahead):

  1. Welcome to Matheson

    I know what I have to do

    (shoves a key into his chest and explodes into a fireball)

    So that’s certainly a start…

    Seeing Aaron Ashmore as Duncan Locke (Killjoys, Warhouse 13, Lost Girl, Veronic Mars) was pretty cool!

    Also, huh. It’s Bode (two syllables), not Bode (one). The fun times of reading things first.

  2. Trapper / Keeper

    Bode: That’s how this sort of thing always works. Only kids can get into Narnia.

    Funny how genre awareness works.

    So much trauma to start to work through. So much history to discover.

  3. Head Games

    Not having the literal top of their heads coming off like in the comics is a bit of a bummer, but given the change in medium, I think it works.

    So many broken people.

  4. The Keepers of the Keys

    Kinsey removed her fear with the Head Key and is riding high! For now…

    Body: Hey. No fighting in front of the bacon.

  5. Family Tree

    Oh, now the power starts corrupting them. That certainly got dark in a hurry.

  6. The Black Door

    All of the crazy bonkers places keys are hidden in this house. I wonder if they’re always there, or only when they want to be found?

    Scot: Man, it really does feel like some otherworldly creature could be lurking here, huh?

    Huh indeed.

    And that… is a creepy door.

  7. Dissection

    Sam’s back! Oh Dodge.

    And then… zombies? (Edit: ooooh was that Kinsey’s fear?)


  8. Ray of F**king Sunshine


    Dodge, but not Dodge.

    Nina is remembering… (ish)–but only because she just can’t deal.

    Such a very crazy show.

  9. Echoes

    THE CROWN! Which is … not really a key at all? (But needs one)

    Finally getting some allies though!

    As a closing piece…

    Billie Eilish really fits.

  10. Crown of Shadows

    Go BODE!

    Eden: Plus I don’t know who this bitch is, I’m not about to let some rando demons run through my town.

    Go Eden! (I’m … surprised to be saying that.)

    Kinsey: Best-available idea doesn’t make something a good idea.

    … yeah… but there’s a Season 2, so… Identity Key

    Aw, it’s all so peaceful and stuff! And then… ten more minutes.