Review: Stargate Universe Vol. 1: Back to Destiny

I miss Stargate…

6 issues making what would have been a decent enough Season 3 opener… but I want so much more than that. What would it be like to have an Ancient on the crew?! So it goes.

Overall, it has potential as a contusion but I wouldn’t really consider it necessary or even necessarily canon.

Particular thoughts as I was reading (spoilers):

Issue #1

And so ends Season 2. The characters don’t look much like themselves.

I feel like the Ancients could have figured that out. Maybe they didn’t need to?

A comics clip show?


That’s why I read by volume…

Issue #2

That’s amusing.

Seems like a military rescue is a poor choice.

Issue #3

That’s a neat solution.

Miraculously opening up new areas of the ship (with help). Would have been an interesting Season 3.

Nice! How did they miss that…

Issue #4


Having a non-ascended Ancient around for any length of time could be a fascinating story. I don’t expect this to last.

Issue #5

… right.

Wouldn’t make for much of a story, now would it?

Now that’s a trick.

Issue #6

Pew pew. Saved!