Review: Hellblazer, Vol. 26: The Curse of the Constantines

Series: Hellblazer: #26

Suicide Bridge: a single, not bad. Curse of the Constantines: it’s about blood and family and the nephew never mentioned. I like the idea of sometimes blood matters—and sometimes it doesn’t. Death and Cigarettes—a send off, Constantine style. He never really dies. Seems weird to have Epiphany and Finn here. Bad Blood… what was that?

Overall, out in Constantine style, could have done without Bad Blood. So it goes. Onward!

Reviews as I go/spoilers:

Suicide Bridge

Oh my. Also, he looks so old…

A bridge that only exists anymore for those who seek to jump off. An interesting concept.

The House of Wolves

Heh. De Loup.

… that’s even weirder than their wedding…

The Curse of the Constantines

On one hand, a bit of closure. Oh the other, we didn’t even know about this boy until just recently.

Exactly. An interesting mirror of what Constantine might have been, I suppose.

Uh huh.

There we go.

Death and Cigarettes


He’s 60.

A lifetime and two dozen volumes.


Also not surprising.

Old “friends”. Goodness.

And then he’s back, running away from his wife/life, and gone again. Ass.

Bad Blood

Even older Constantine?

That was… very weird.