Review: Hellblazer, Vol. 25: Another Season

Series: Hellblazer: #25

Man Constantine’s life is a mess. Father in law has some use for him—which goes badly. He’s down a thumb and needs to deal with that—which goes badly. His coat’s gone evil walkabout—which goes badly. Gemma has it out for him (or at least his demonic twin)—which goes badly.

I think you get the idea.

A solid enough issue, but certainly an odd one.

Thoughts_spoilers_you know the drill:

High-Frequency Man

Yeah that’s still weird.

Wonderful. Amusing that marriage seems to have gotten Constantine interested in perhaps making a buck and I’m curious how the Druid is going to come back to mess things up (I assume he’s not the trader?).

Phantom Pains

Who’s got two thumbs and some bizarre marital problems? Not Constantine!

B plot!

Maybe not so B plot. Gemma certainly has some baggage…

That was definitely twisted. And there’s not so much time any more, but I expect we’ll see a bit more fallout yet.


Oy. That’s an ask. And an art style…

A weirdly quick and strange story.

The Devil’s Trench Coat

Point of view: coat. All righty then.

That will certainly go well for him…


Oh that coat.

Oh Gemma… and Terry. Ooooooy.

Another Season in Hell

That’s a visual.

I thought a brother?

Oh that’s a lovely line.

Man Constantine messes up those around him. At least he finally did some goodish helping his sister leave hell? Ish. M