Review: Hellblazer, Vol. 22: Regeneration

Series: Hellblazer: #22

Some holiday cheer (nothing deep but they’re neat enough), a new girl gone very very wrong, and Chas getting to be the hero. A good volume.

Individual readalong reviews. Spoilers:

Christmas Special

Happy Fucking New Year

Awfully rude of him not to wait until after New Year’s, what with the thievery and baby sacrifice.

Christmas Cards

What’s more Christmas than poker?

All I Goat For Christmas

Constantine done poetically, via the Curse of the Billygoat.

The Curse of Christmas

Work/life balance. She’ll take a look at it?

Oh. Oh!


Snow Had Fallen

… well that got dark. And that’s before we get to the industrial magic.

… snow angels. All righty then.


I don’t think she believes him.

She probably should…

That got twisted. Body horror by way of terrible scabs (both the physical and labor Union related kind), memories of an abortion brought to life, and confession by being beaten. Good times.

Plague Doctor

They’re perfect for each other.

And then we get ghosts to prevent the Olympics, a plague doctor with a thing for young girls, and a father willing to go way too far for his family.

There’s Something About Phoebe

… what are you doing Constantine.

And she knows?!

Oh, she’s good.

Well that sucks. I liked her.

Although with Constantine, who knows.

That didn’t take long.

The Cottage

Oh Constantine. That’s more like you. How many more times is he going to have to try…

The Long Crap Friday

At least he’s making some progress?

The Knowledge

All those streets to memorize…

Yo, I heard you like booze. So I put booze in your booze so you can booze while you booze.

Go Chas!