Review: 2022 Book Bingo

Let’s do this again! I barely made it, but there were so many books that I absolutely ended up loving that I’m not sure I otherwise would have read. So this year, better!


  • Must be speculative fiction (SF, fantasy, horror with speculative elements)
  • Limit the number of novellas (fewer than 40k words or defined by the author as such) or combine them
  • A book of short stories counts
  • Graphic novels/manga should be treated as novellas
  • Web novels count (if they’re long enough)
  • Audiobooks count

Official thread

Recommendations thread

Books by category on storygraph

A post about upcoming books by category

This post will automatically update as I tag books and I’ll post ~if~ when I finish! I’m going to go for hard mode again as much as possible. Should be fun. :D

2022 Book Bingo

A book on r/Fantasy’s Top LGBTQIA List (Hard: A book/series with ten votes or less)

The Bone Ships

(Hard Mode)

Weird Ecology (Hard: Not written by Jeff VanderMeer or China Miéville)

Two or More Authors (Hard: Three or More)

Historical SFF (Hard: Not based in Britain or Ireland)

Set in Space (Hard: Characters not originally from Earth)

The Starless Sea

Standalone (Hard: not on r/Fantasy’s Favorite Standalones List)

A Deadly Education

(Hard Mode)

Anti-Hero (Hard: YA)

Book Club / Readalong (Hard: With participation)

Cool Weapon (Hard: Weapon has a unique name)

Paradise Lost

(Hard Mode)

Revolutions and Rebellions (Hard: Main focus of the plot)

The Unwritten, Vol. 1: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity

(Hard Mode)

Character’s Name in the Title (Hard: Includes first and last name)

Nettle & Bone

(Hard Mode)

Author Uses Initials (Hard: Initials are a pseudonym and not the author’s actual name)

Published in 2022 (Hard: Debut)

Urban Fantasy (Hard: LGBTQ+ POV character)

The Rage of Dragons

(Hard Mode)

Set in Africa (Hard: Author is of African heritage)

Non-Human Protagonist (Hard: Non-humanoid)

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

(Hard Mode)

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey; time doesn’t behave as it should (Hard: No time travel)

Five SFF Short Stories (Hard: Entire collection)

The Outside

(Hard Mode)

Features Mental Health (Hard: Not the Stormlight Archive or on this list)

Self-Published OR Indie Publisher (Hard: Fewer than 100 ratings or with an AMA)

Last Argument of Kings

(Hard Mode)

Award Finalist, But Not Won (Hard: Neither Hugo- nor Nebula-nominated)

A Snake Falls to Earth

(Hard Mode)

BIPOC Author (Hard: Indigenous author)

Out of the Blue

(Hard Mode)

Shapeshifters (Hard: Most prominent shifter is not a were/dog shifter)

All Systems Red

(Hard Mode)

No Ifs, Ands, or Buts; Title doesn’t contain the, a/an, and, or, if, of, but (Hard: Title is three words or more)

A Closed and Common Orbit

Family Matters (Hard: At least three generations)