Review: Hellblazer, Vol. 20: Systems of Control

Series: Hellblazer: #20

Constantine gets his Mojo back.

Joyride is a pretty crazy story which may yet come back to haunt us. All His Engines is even better, getting some Aztec flair in line. A good volume.

In The Deep End

Quite a way to execute someone.

Wheels of Change, Systems of Control

He’s back? Oh Constantine.

Ooh Constantine. Quite the work of art.


Magic? Or something more run of the mill—drugs?

A trap he really should have been more careful about.

Imagine living over something like that.

Depends on the small town, really.

The Smoke

Such delightful world building.

I do prefer ‘still tries to do the right thing’ Constantine.

All His Engines

Part I: Proserpine Gathering Flowers

Oh poor Chas.

Part II: Womb of Night

Certainly meeting new and interesting people-ish.

Part III: Blood of Sacrifice

Making new friends!

Constantine style:

Chas style:

Part IV: Earth Felt the Wound

Friends come in handy sometimes.

Got a point there.

Part V: No Second Stroke

.. frowsiest?