Review: Spider-Man: No Way Home

Series: Marvel Cinematic Universe: #27

Series: MCU Phase 4: #4

Series: Spider-Man: #8

Series: Tom Holland's Spider-Man: #3

Finally got around to watching this. I’m so glad I did, it’s hilarious and an aboslute blast of nostalgia. Similar to Avengers: Endgame, I don’t know know if this would possibly hold up without the weight of all of the movies that came before it (I doubt it), but with that weight–it’s really really good.

It’s funny, it’s touching, and there are some really crazy action scenes. But the greatest strength of course comes from bringing back a half dozen villains and all three modern live action Spider-Men into one film . Would anyone have believed something that crazy possible, especially before Infinity War/Endgame? I doubt it. But it’s quite satisfying.

More comments after the rankings.

Speaking of which, it might fade on a rewatch, but for now, this is right up there at the top of my favorite of the Marvel movies, which surprised me. It is right up in second for the year–I have to leave Encanto in the top spot as it’s been absolutely stuck in my head for weeks now.

Overall rankings

A few random comments *SPOILERS*

Things that were AWESOME!

  • Daredevil!

    Matt Murdock: You may have dodged your legal troubles but things will get much worse. There’s still the court of public opinion.

    [Matt catches a brick thrown through the window]

    Peter Parker: How did you just do that?

    Matt Murdock: I’m a really good lawyer.

    Charlie Cox has been a wonderful Daredevil. I’m glad to have him back, even if it didn’t amount to much (especially if you didn’t previously know who he was…)

  • Spider-Men! Spider-Mans? Spiders-Men? Anyways.

    Peter Parker (Garfield): Are you okay?

    Peter Parker (Macguire): Oh, my back. It’s kinda stiff from all the swinging I guess.

    Peter Parker (Garfield): Oh yeah, no, I got a middle back thing too.

    Peter Parker (Macguire): Really?

    Peter Parker (Garfield): Yeah. You want me to crack it?

    Peter Parker (Macguire): Yeah. Yeah, that’d be great.

    It’s great to both see them each again, to see the interactions, and to acknowledge that (in Maguire’s case), it’s been a few years.

    Plus, you get lines like this:

    Peter Parker (Holland): No no, it’s OK. These are my friends. This is Peter Parker and this is Peter Parker. He’s Spiderman, he’s Spiderman. They’re mes from other universes. This is the wizard I was telling you about.

  • Ned getting a power up! I hope we get to see more of Ned’s magic powers in the future.

  • Callbacks! So many callbacks!

    Max Dillon: What do you mean fix us?

    Peter Parker: Look, our technology is advanced…

    Norman Osborn: I can help you. You know, I’m something of a scientist myself. Octavius knows what I can do.

    It’s great to see all the villains back, but even better to have lines like that. Or this:

    Otto Octavius: [Holding an Arc Reactor] The power of the sun…

    Peter Parker: …in the palm of your hand.

    Or of course:

    Peter Parker (Holland): She told me that with great power…

    Peter Parker (Macguire): Comes great responsibility.

    Peter Parker (Holland): Wait, what? How do you know that?

    Peter Parker (Garfield): Uncle Ben said it.

    Peter Parker (Macguire): The day he died. Maybe she didn’t die for nothing, Peter.

Things that were less awesome

  • Doctor Strange. He’s absolutely awesome, but I really didn’t get his motivation here. And given that the core of the plot revolves around what he does / why…

    [Peter arrives at the Sanctum Sanctorum]

    Doctor Strange: So, Peter… to what do I owe the pleasure?

    Peter Parker: I’m sorry to bother you, sir.

    Doctor Strange: Please. We’ve saved half the universe together. I think we’re beyond you calling me “sir”.

    [conjures flames in a fireplace]

    Peter Parker: Okay. Stephen…

    Doctor Strange: [beat] That feels weird, but I’ll allow it.

  • MJ feels underused. She’s not quite as weirdly over snarky in the first film, but I feel like she could have done more. Ned got upgrades and feels like he’ll be back. MJ mostly feels like … the girlfriend. Having Garfield’s Parker get a chance to save her was cool though.