Review: Schitt's Creek: Season 6

Series: Schitt's Creek: #6

And so it ends. As expected, David and Patrick’s wedding is a big storyline (and man David is neurotic when stressed), but we also have Alexis continuing to grow in relationships and work (which is such an amazing growth from Season 1), the whole hotel starting to grow (rapidly) and Moira doing Moira things.

Overall, it’s a good way to end the show. We have some ending up moving back to the lives they once had, hopefully a little more self aware (I doubt so in Moira’s case…) from their time in Schitt’s Creek.

Not a show I normally would have chosen, but I’m glad to have watched it. Onward!

Ongoing thoughts (spoilers):

    • Smoke Signals*

    Moments have passed! Moira is nuts, Alexis is off to the Galapagos Islands, and David and Patrick are going to get married!

    You mixed up the day and the month on your ticket again, - didn’t you?

    • The Incident*

    Patrick Brewer: David! It’s okay!

    David Rose: It’s not okay. Nothing about that is okay. Now you have to remake your little bed because I peed in it!

    Patrick Brewer: David, go and get in the shower. I will take care of this.

    David Rose: Does that window open? Because I’m about to jump out

    Patrick Brewer: David, I need the comforter.

    David Rose: Okay, but we must never speak of this again.

    Patrick Brewer: Okay. I love you!

    David Rose: I’m glad one of us does.

    How did that come up in the writer’s room?

    And… Moira being Moira.

    Also: Hotel empire! Of course Roland is Rolanding.

    • The Job Interview*

    Ted the Turtle. That is all.

    Also Stevie vs. David; competitive job interview, go! That was amusing.

  1. Maid of Honor

    The Crows movie is such a strange thing.

    Yay growth from Alexis and Stevie!

    Also… totally lying about the agent.

  2. *The Premiere *

    Patrick is adorable on dentistry drugs.

  3. The Wingman

    Poor sad Bob? Bit of a weird plot.

    Alexis weighing impressive career opportunities versus Ted… oh, how they’ve grown.

  4. Moira Rosé

    Totally a cult. Totally too much wine.

  5. The Presidential

    Ted! Oh. Ted. Oh that was quite a way to go for that particular plot line.

    Both Johnny and Roland (badly) imitating JFK was adorable.

  6. Rebound

    Moira has 6 episodes to redeem herself! Nah.

    David seems stressed.

    Alexis dating … a grandfather as a rebound. That’s certainly a thing.

  7. Sunrise, Sunset

    David has expensive tastes. This shouldn’t be a surprise. Johnny is so proud. Also not.

    Also so many faces I recognize! Clifton Sparks and Saul Rubinek!

  8. The Bachelor Party

    David is such a bridezilla. An escape room sounds like a terribly great idea.

    The return of Larry Air!

  9. The Pitch

    Thought they’d gotten over wanting to get out long ago. Moira causing trouble, Alexis makes sense, but… why does David beed to leave?

  10. Start Spreading the News

    Turns out Twyla is so not into it for the money. That’s hilarious.

    And David… might be staying?

    And and the Jazzagals tearing up. Daw.

  11. Happy Ending

    🎵 It’s like rain on your wedding day 🎵

    … oh. So that’s what the title also means. Oh David…

    What is Moira wearing.

    And so it ends. Quite a show.