Review: Hellblazer, Vol. 16: The Wild Card

Series: Hellblazer: #16

A crazy bloody mess with some old friends in the longer stories and a few neat bits in the short ones. But more of Angela and Gemma.

A rather solid volume.

Thoughts as I read (spoilers):

High on Life

Constantine with brown hair?! (Might be red) What’s this?

Bit of an ass.

Using his blood to heal/as a pick me up is quite the trick.

That’s a neat trick…

Red Sepulchre

Really a continuation on High Life. It literally starts with ‘Six months later’.

Shadowy back room dealings go!

That’s a neat trick!

Map is back! Sort of.

Ooooh it’s all in the family. That’s going to be complicated.

Now that’s a wonderfully nasty trick.

A good story.

The Game of Cat and Mouse

The fallout continues.

That’s so Constantine…

Black Flowers

I have a feeling it’s only beginning…

Third Worlds

The Wild Card

Haven’t seen Swamp Thing in a long while!

That’ll be a neat trick.


I’ve always enjoyed world building like this.

The Pit

She’s fun. And ended up being a lot of help!

Bred in the Bone

A fitting title it seems.

When the things that go bump in the night go bump in the night…

A neat idea.

A neat story.