Review: Schitt's Creek: Season 5

Series: Schitt's Creek: #5

Moira gets a chance to do what she loves–and is as Moira about it the entire season as possible. So much David and Patrick, which is great. Alexis is really growing, which is awesome–she has a ways to go yet though. Also Stevie gets a few moments to shine, she’s really the surprise soul of this series in a lot of ways.

Only one more season!

Individual episodes (you know the drill):

  1. The Crowening

    Oh David. He’s so trying.

    And why the heck did Moira do that movie?

  2. Love Letters

    Moira on drugs. All righty then.

  3. The Plant

    I greatly prefer David and Patrick being adorable. Also Stevie being adorable. Just all around adorable.

  4. The Dress

    Moira us so very Moira, Johnny being a handyman … is going to go well, and David and Stevie are adorable. Yay David and Stevie.

    I wonder if there’s a Moira-free cut out there somewhere.

  5. Housewarming

    I don’t know if Johnny and Moira babysitting or Alexis and Patrick being jealous of David and Ted of all people. Oh this show.

  6. Rock On!

    Why… would David do that.

    Also… Johnny really needs to learn to shut up sometimes.

  7. A Whisper of Desire

    Ted’s adorably naive. Also Moira is an ass… but I guess it’s good for her?

  8. The Hospies

    Aw Stevie. This might be good for her in the long run. Sucks until then.

  9. The M.V.P.

    Sportsball! Cute. Amusing having David and Johnny on opposite sides.

  10. Roadkill

    … so, what’s funny about hitting a cat?

    Knock-off-David is amusing though. So awkward.

  11. Meet the Parents

    Surprise parties are a bad idea. Full stop.

    Ended up cute though. Yay accepting.

  12. The Roast

    Oh Ted. Oh Alexis. He’s too good for her.

    Oh Moira…

  13. The Hike

    Patrick is too good for David sometimes. But seeing them work through things is nice.

    Also… heartburn .

  14. Life is a Cabaret

    So that’s Cabaret.

    Also, tell a secret … and then everyone knows.

    Also also Stevie! She’s probably the best part of this entire show.

    but you… you’re very, very cool.