Review: Schitt's Creek: Season 4

Series: Schitt's Creek: #4

Death and pregnancy; the Rose children growing up, Johnny finally has something to do, and Moira is… Moira. Oy–ra.

I’m a bit amused that we got the pregnancy storyline without Jocelyn's actress even being pregnant IRL; I feel like that's the more common reason to work in something like this. It works though!

A fun season. Onward we barrel towards the end.

Individual episodes (spoileries):

  1. Dead Guy in Room 4

    And… we’re back.

    Stevie: Do I look like a coroner?

    Alexis: I don’t think you want people answering that question.

  2. Pregnancy Test

    David: I’m sorry I’m not a condom.

    Called the actual cause!

    Also… throuple guy. Poor Patrick.

  3. Asbestos Fest

    Moira… woo. Couldn’t care much less about her.

    OTOH, Alexis schooling David and Patrick based on her varied experience? Excellent. Roland’s friend… actually being Roland not actually surprising.

  4. Girls’ Night

    David: Okay, I have never heard someone say so many wrong things, one after the other, consecutively, in a row.

    Moira: David! How was I to know that Ted would be such a trigger, all these years later?

    David: A year later, and she is like right back in it. So you might wanna pay a little more attention to your daughter’s life, if only to alleviate the weight of me having to deal with it, every day.

    David is awesome. Moira is… Moira.

    Alexis growing up is fascinating.

  5. RIP Moira Rose

    Johnny: Look, Jocelyn, the last thing I want is for this conversation to get uncomfortable. Oh boy. But-but there is a delicate issue that I wanted to talk about.

    Jocelyn: Roland asked if you wanted to be godfather to the baby.

    Johnny: Yes!

    Jocelyn: He has been asking everybody to be the godparent. You’re the 3rd person I’ve had to talk to today, so.

    Also, daw Alexis and Ted and Heather. So much better than the high school plotline.

  6. Open Mic

    David’s anxiety is hard to watch. Stevie’s anxiety is hard to watch. Moira is just in general hard to watch.

    Patrick is adorable though!

  7. The Barbecue

    All right.

    (Door opens)

    Morning, David.


    What are you all doing here? We have a surprise for you.

    Judging from the looks on your faces, I don’t want it.

    Oh David. An adorable open. And Patrick’s cute.


    Stevie: Carnies are people too.

    Wonderfully dry.

    Also also the ex. Totally called that.

    Also also also David… did not call that.

  8. The Jazzaguy

    Johnny can sing! Moira can’t take it!

    David and Stevie are so adorable.

    Stevie: Also, I know everything about you, about your history, your family, and I’m still here.

    David: I think you’re my best friend.

    Stevie: You think?

    David: Well, I can’t know for sure, because I’m realizing now that I don’t think I’ve ever really had one.

    Stevie: Okay, well, if we’re being honest, I don’t think I’ve ever had one, either.

  9. The Olive Branch

    Graduating from college! With a degree in … pubic relations no less. Funny that they spent far more screen time on High School.

    David and Patrick are adorable. Well David is clueless and Patrick is smitten. But adorable.

    Moira stealing Alexis’ idea… Totally Moira.

  10. Baby Sprinkle

    Volunteered baby shower, an overblown rich girl from the past, and an intimacy consultant.

    Impressively more cringe even than most.

    David: That is the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.


    David: This is why I hate babies.

  11. The Rollout

    Johnny poison oak’s everyone.

    Mutt’s back! It’s cute/awesome how Alexis is growing up.

    Moira’s a liar. Oy. I guess even doing the right thing for a bad reason is still something?

  12. Singles Week

    Moira is an ass. Alexis and David are growing up wonderfully though.

  13. Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose

    I thought you were Jewish?

    I’m a delightful half-half situation, which is why it’s so annoying that my Dad thinks he can boss people around on a holiday that he technically has no authority over.

    Poor Johnny. He tried and stuff.

    Moira did good.