Review: Hellblazer, Vol. 14: Good Intentions

Series: Hellblazer: #14

That’s a few hard hitting stories. Hard Times is about Constantine in prison. Weird art style and hard to read. Good Intentions is the aftermath… people are terrible. Freezes Over it’s a pretty good locked room mystery with just the possibility of something more.

Overall, good but not the best Constantine. Needs more out and out unambiguous supernatural IMO.



Hard Time (Parts 1-5)

Been a while. Came back to…

… a very different art style. Interesting.

And all for a story of Constantine in prison royally screwing everyone up before they get to him first.


It only gets crazier from there.

Yeah… no.

And all because he wouldn’t kill a friend. More of an acquaintance really.

Quite a story. Five parts and I’m still not sure of I actually liked it or not. Which I suppose is a good sign.

Good Intentions (Parts 1-6)

Right off Hard Time:

Same story, rather different art. Poor guy, trying to do a good deed… and he gets stuck work Constantine in a pissy mood.

Better than the second car at least…

And so on it goes, eventually hinting into the supernatural.

And in the end, it is people that are the worst.

… and Buried

Quick interlude with my favorite art style of the volume so far.

The overall styles of the others have been good, but the Constantines just aren’t quite ‘right’.

… Freezes Over (Parts 1-4)

Ooh. Now the guess, given that this is Constantine… is it a supernatural beastie or is one of them the murderer…

(Or perhaps both)

The First Time

An interlude.

Or an ending. Odd at that.