Review: Schitt's Creek: Season 3

Series: Schitt's Creek: #3

It’s really picking up now! I’m actually starting to really enjoy the relationships between the characters. David is still my favorite, but Alexis ia really growing on me. And I still don’t care much for Moira.

The entire idea of David not having a (valid) driver’s license or Alexis never having graduated High School because rich/reasons… actually makes a lot of sense. But Alexis actually going to High School? In what universe would that happen… that’s what GEDs are for. Really pulled me out of the plotline.

Other than that, an enjoyable enough season. It’s amazing how quickly shows with shorter episodes go by…

Individual episodes (potentially a touch spoilery):

  1. Opening Night

    David, stop acting like a disgruntled pelican.

    So awkward.

    They’re back! David is having complicated relationship issues, Alexis is … having complicated relationship issues. Johnny is feeling incompetent, and Moira is feeling overly competent.

    Everything back to normal than.

  2. The Throuple

    It’s funny because Stevie slept with David and now they’re both seeing the same guy.

    Ha ha ha.

    Also, Johnny could totally be a waiter! It’s a job! If only he could stop trying to be a salesman.

  3. New Car

    Moira… actually being hilarious with whatever that accent was. It’s amusingly dumb to actually buy a car (especially with only one place to do it) but it works.

    David is such good people though.

    Also also ‘washing the cat’. Wonderful.

  4. Driving Test

    Oh anxiety. Oh David.

    Oh motel ownership. Oh Stevie.

    The conversation with Alexis and David was a pretty wonderful moment.

  5. Rooms by the Hour

    Oh Johnny. How did he ever make his money? (by having money to start with?)

    Also, Moira is … not something I care about.

  6. Murder Mystery

    Twyla seems good people.

  7. General Store

    Alexis is literally going back to high school? Who approved that. And … in Jocelyn’s class? Oh my.

    David’s General Store is a great idea! The town won’t know what hit them.

  8. Motel Review

    What is wrong with Moira…

    Johnny being clueless about tech is fun enough.

  9. The Conference

    Woo conferences! Why does Jocelyn believe this? And what is wrong with Moira…

  10. Sebastien Raine

    Sebastien… is even worse than the Roses? Didn’t expect that. And gets one up on Moira even.

    Also, poker night! Bob is such an odd one. I enjoy that.

    Also also Alexis, Ted, and the old ladies… is actually a pretty cute scene. I don’t expect that I’m liking that plot line.

  11. Stop Saying Lice!

    Daw. Alexis and Ted! Stevie and David! Moira and Johnny! Everyone is so cute this episode.

  12. Friends & Family

    Quite a portrait. Even Moira is starting to get it…

    Also David and Patrick are almost as adorable as David and Stevie.

  13. Grad Night

    Daw! Everyone is adorable!!