Review: Schitt's Creek: Season 2

Series: Schitt's Creek: #2

Much better than season 1! It’s still cringe, but at least David is trying, Alexis is failing, and their parents are… surviving?

One thing I appreciate about this season is how the rest of the cast is getting slightly less caricaturish. Roland is still full on Roland, but Jocelyn is really growing into a good person who’s still perfectly fine at snarking at the Rose’s. Even Bob is starting to fire back. Makes the town council ‘main plot’ amusing.

Still a very quick watch. Onward to season 3.

Individual episodes (potentially a touch spoilery):

  1. Finding David

    David Rose: You know, I’m not sure I’m even ready to come home yet.

    Aaron: And, uet, your time with us has come to an end.

    David Rose: OK.

    Aaron: These three days you spent with us David, will remain in our memories for many days, and many, many, many nights.

    David Rose: Thank you for your kindness, when no one else showed me kindness. And compassion, when no one else showed…

    Johnny Rose: Excuse me, son. Uh, I imagine it’s customary for strangers to partake in a good, old fashioned Amish lunch?

    Aaron: Not always. Have a safe trip.

  2. Family Dinner

    Of course none of them can cook.

    Johnny Rose: I see somebody decided on a new recipe.

    David Rose: No; these are the enchiladas.

    Alexis Rose: Well, they kinda SMELL like enchiladas…

    Johnny Rose: [dubiously] Well, I, for one, can’t WAIT to try them out!

    It’s also amusing how Roland Roland is ti everyone. Not just the Roses.

    Also… They need to get off this Alexis plot. Seriously.

  3. Jazzagals

    Moira is an ass, Bob and John certainly have … a dynamic, and Mutt and David interacting is hilarious.

  4. Estate Sale

    David Rose: I don’t have a lot to my name right now, but I do have one thing.

    Roland Schitt: Self respect?

    David Rose: No. Taste.

    I like David.

    Alexis learning how to ride a bike is hilarious.

  5. Bob’s Bagels

    Everyone getting jobs! Or sick.

    I appreciate Bob’s enthusiasm, no matter how misplaced. They might just make it work.

    Roland: Have I offended you in some way, Johnny?

    John: Probably.

    His delivery. Wonderful.

    Moira actually being more or less motherly? A surprise, but a nice one.

  6. Moira vs. Town Council

    John is passionate! About … taxes. I suppose that’s how they got in this mess. Poor clueless David.

    Mutt looks very different without his beard .

    Despite the name … I care not for Moira randomly complaining.

  7. The Candidate

    Everyone running for Council!

    Also, David and Stevie are so adorable.

    Stevie: Oh, uh, I notice that man is no longer sleeping under the pool table.

    David: Well, I’m surprisingly good at pool. So… Hmm!

    Stevie: Wait a second, is this like a reverse hustle, where you say you’re good, but you’re actually terrible?

    David: Um, I don’t know.

    Stevie: Do you wanna break?

    David: Um, from what?

    Stevie: Oh, this is gonna be fun.

  8. Milk Money

    I appreciate Bob’s newer, less clueless, more snarky self.

    And a Jocelyn playing dirty… ish.

    The politics plot is … strange. Moira is strange. I still don’t care for her.

  9. Moira’s Nudes

    Moira: Then allow me to offer you some advice.

    Take a thousand naked pictures of yourself now.

    You may currently think, “oh, I’m too spooky.”

    Or, “nobody wants to see these tiny boobies.”

    But believe me, one day you will look at those photos, with much kinder eyes and say, “dear God, I was a beautiful thing!”

    Will I? Mhmm.

    Oh, and make sure you submit those photos to the Internet.

    Otherwise, your own children will go looking for them one day and tragically, they won’t be there.

    Well that’s certainly a thing.

  10. *Ronnie’s Party *

Moira: Those two are not as simple minded as we thought.

Johnny: He is.

Loving it.

Also, … why did Ted hire Alexis again? Nothing good can come of that.

Also also, David tried!

Also also also… Moira and Johnny are clueless and are more about themselves. Room for growth?

  1. The Motel Guest

Johnny and Jocelyn, awkward but I get it.

Moira and Roland… that I did not expect but it works.

Also, I wonder how long it’s actually going to take one of them to move out…

  1. Lawn Signs

Turns out… David can pretend to be fancy and get some money out of things.

  1. Happy Anniversary

Aw. Rich people are unintentionally cruel. And Johnny actually takes a stand. Go for him! (And calls the Schitts friends!)

Actually a surprisingly sweet ending!

What’s next?!