Review: Schitt's Creek: Season 1

Series: Schitt's Creek: #1

Tonally… very different from Mr. Robot. Bit of whiplash from that.

In a nutshell, a rich family loses everything… but the town they bought for a joke (see? rich). Now they have to go live there, with the overblown locals. A whole new way of life to learn and all the hilarious complications that come from that.

It’s not the kind of show that I usually like, since it’s just so … cringey/awkward. It’s hard to watch people lose everything and just seem so … bad at being human. I don’t really know anyone in that income bracket or especially anyone that’s lost so much. But that doesn’t make it any easier to believe. They’re each quick watches at around 20 minutes though. That’s something.

On the other hand, there are a number of really funny moments in there. David is great, Stevie is great. Johnny–I can’t get American Pie out of my head. Alexis and especially Moira aren’t great, but so it goes.

Worth giving a few episodes a try. It gets better throughout the season.

Individual episodes (spoilers, but for a show like this… do you really care?):

  1. Out Cup Runneth Over

    Oh my. A very different kind of show.

    Johnny Rose: I want my doors back.

    Roland Schitt: Oh.

    Johnny Rose: Before it gets dark. My son is afraid of moths.

    Roland Schitt: Oh, hmm. Well, here’s the thing about that, Johnny. You see, you did a bad thing. You disrespected me in front of your family. And now they think less of me.

    Johnny Rose: I doubt that’s possible. And to be honest, you were kinda breathing down our necks a little bit back at the motel.

    Roland Schitt: Johnny, when I was a kid and I did a bad thing, my father took the doors off my room. And he said to me, “Roland, privacy is earned.”

    Johnny Rose: I am having a tough time following that. What the hell does that have to do with privacy?

    Roland Schitt: Nothing. I just got mad and I took your doors.

    I feel bad for them… which I don’t think is the expected outcome.

  2. The Drip

    I don’t know which was worse… the sinner party ir the tailgate party.

    This… is not my usual kind of show.

  3. Don’t Worry, It’s His Sister

    People come from all over to take a picture

  4. Bad Parents

    Johnny Rose: Your mother and I have been talking, and we’ve come to the realization that we’ve not been very good parents.

    Moira Rose: Sadly, and most of the time, we have no interest in what’s going on with you.

    Johnny Rose: We have no idea. She means no idea.

    Yes. Yes. They are bad parents.

    Alexis: Okay, my turn, my turn, my turn. Um… okay. My eyes are brown, I am basically sample-sized, and one time I escaped from a Thai drug lord’s car trunk by bribing him with sex.

    Johnny: Right idea, honey, but you know what? It’s gotta be more challenging for everybody-

    Moira: Her eyes are aqua.

    … that’s one way to do it.

    Stevie is too good for this town.

  5. The Cabin

    Of course it’s the wrong cabin. Woooow.

  6. Wine and Roses

    Herb Ertlinger: Well, it’s fruit wine, which in itself is exciting, but the most exciting thing is that all our fruit is 100% insecticide free!

    Moira Rose: Mmm.

    [sips, gags]

    Moira Rose: Oh, there’s something in mine!

    Herb Ertlinger: Oh, that’s a ladybug - that’s one of the good ones.

    Starting to settle in?

  7. Turkey Shoot

    Mutt: Yeah, we went to high school together. I think you’d be good for each other.

    Alexis: Do you?

    Mutt: I think he has everything you’re looking for in a husband.

    Alexis: A husband? What am I looking for in a husband?

    Mutt: Money.

    Alexis: Hmm.

    Well… at least David really does seem to be trying to fit in.

    And Jocelyn’s here’s the truth moment… was a welcome surprise.

  8. Allez-Vous

    Moira: It’s for me! Thinking of you! “Dear M., hope this helps, I only wish I could do more, xoxo, J.S.P.” Justine St. Pierre! David, one of my dear friends is finally reaching out, and you know what, I knew it would be Justine. She can be an angry drunk, but we were always close.

    David: “Congratulations on your Allez Vous Starter Kit.”

    Moira: That frigid whore!

    Oh this episode.

  9. Carl’s Funeral

    A funeral for the brother you don’t know of the guy who’s cabin you broke into to have sex, small town motel parties, and learning that perhaps the town vet loves dogs.

    You smell… very flammible right now.

    Oh this show.

    It’s fascinating watching the kids starting to fit in… and the parents will get there as well.

  10. Honeymoon

David and Stevie. So awkward.

Getting high with the locals. Also so awkward.

Surprise couples dinner party. Also also so so awkward.

  1. Little Sister

Younger sister doing better now. oof.

Stevie and David apparently gone FWB now. oof.

David the life coach… that turns it about on him. oof.

Mutt and Twyla. Just… oof.

  1. Surprise Party

Roland Schitt: I’m here to personally invite the two of you to, uhm, a, uh, annual, uhm, elegant, dress-up event that Jocelyn is hosting, uhm, well, no I’m not inviting you, but I’m saying we’re… we’ll see each other there, at the very big event that Jocelyn is hosting-the whole town will go to this event, they’ll all be dressed up, and, uhm, did I, did I say that it’s a fundraiser? Oh, sorry Johnny, let me start over here…

Why would no one tell Jocelyn… she’s quite a sport though.

And then everything goes increasingly sideways.

  1. *Town For Sale *

Last episode of season 1? They’re not getting out…

Alexis is terrible and David is sweet. Clueless. But sweet. Poor Ted. Sweet (in his emotionally quiet way) Mutt.