Review: Arcane

That is an absolutely beautiful delight of a show. I love the asthetic/worldbuilding, with a mix of steampunk/magic plus a major cyberpunk visual style. It’s something that I really could do with some more of and the animated style really lends itself nicely to it.

Plotwise, there’s a mix of a few different plots (family troubles, class war, magic versus tech, corruption in politics / power corrupts) that each work by themselves, but are particularly good when you get crossovers. Class war and politics complicated by magic versus tech. (Found and blood) family troubles through it all. Good times.

I think the worst part of it all? It ended! And now I have to wait for Season 2!

Well worth a watch.

Reviews for each episode (spoilers):

  1. Welcome to the Playground

    That is a spectacular opening. And absolutely beautiful animation. Wow.

    Kids on a heist, ending up way over their heads is tropey, but that’s okay! It’s done well thus far.

    I love the relational between Vi and Powder… and also their father figure Vander. And the rest of their team. Such styling, such personality.

  2. Some Mysteries are Better Left Unsolved

    Last time I checked, science didn’t require illegal equipment.

    I love the magitech worldbuilding they’ve got going on here. A conflict between maguc and tech isn’t new, but I really want to see where it’s going from here!

    When you’re going to change the world… don’t ask for permission.

    Also lol1. Heimerdinger.

    Bit weird that there’s only one of what Heimdinger and the robot guy (so far).

  3. The Base Violence Necessary for Change

    Dang this is an intense show. Forbidden research into magic/hextech, up against a deadline and hundreds of years of historical experience. Old rivalries back to wreck the world. All sorts of things going on at once.

    Also, Powder’s magic crystal bomb... finally being the wone that works, after all that . Oy.

  4. Happy Progress Day

    Time skip! Jayce has made good on his hextech and everything is happy and shiny… or is it? (of course not)

    Wow Powder/Jinx has some trauma.

    I thought the first three episodes were good, but this just turned things up significantly.

  5. Everybody Wants to be My Enemy

    The present/future timeline is certainly something. Oh Powder/Jinx. Oh Vi. Oh Jayce. Oh everyone.

    Imagine Dragons’ Enemy in universe was a nice touch.

    Vi: You gonna help me out, cupcake?

    Caitlyn: Stop calling me that. My name is Caitlyn.

    Vi: But you’re so sweet.

    Like a cupcake.

    Caitlyn: Shut up.

  6. When These Walls Come Tumbling Down

    Corruption and betrayal. Reunions that don’t go as expected.

    Man this is a crazy show.

  7. The Boy Savior

    Everyone making decisions they’re going to regret…

  8. Oil and Water

    Vi: Topside and bottom. Oil and water. That’s all there is.

    Class war, shimmer/hextech war… it’s all about to come to a head.

    I’ve never actually played League of Legends… but I’m pretty sure I can see a few of the characters that have to be in the game taking form…

  9. The Monster You Created

    Jayce: Take those off.

    Vi: Make me.

    Oh, this show.

    Viktor: [to Jayce] We lost ourselves. Lost our dream. In the pursuit of great, we failed to do good.

    Holy crap… that’s THE ENDING!! What have I done.

  1. Unintentional, really. ↩︎