Review: Mr. Robot: Season 4

Series: Mr. Robot: #4

Wow. That really went quite a fascinating direction. I was wondering where they were going for the last few seasons, but really digging into the aftermath of the season 1 hacks + another big target + dealing with the fallout of the Dark Army + digging deeper into Elliot’s troubles.

Man. Quite a season.

I had my doubts in the run up to the final few episodes, but I think they really stuck the landing. This was quite a show, through and through. Well worth the watch.

Mini-reviews per episode, potential spoilers:

  1. 401 Unauthorized

    That’s a great episode naming pattern. :D

    Crazy episode. Everyone is so very broken… or dead. Or both. Going to be quite a final ride I think.

    It’s fascinating how abruptly a few of those plots were wrapped up.

  2. 402 Payment Required

    The … Deus Group? I wonder if we’ll ever actually get any answers for what they’re really trying to do.

    Bit of a weird episode overall. Price is breaking, Elliot and Darlene’s mom is apparently dead, and the taxidermy lady is thoroughly creepy.

    Oh right. That’s who Susan Jacobs is/was. Oy. And Vera. Double oy.

  3. 403 Forbidden

    A young Whiterose. Fascinating.

    Elliott’s gone dark… and Mr. Robot is becoming the voice of reason? Oh my.

    Vera… I do not (yet) understand why they needed to bring that particular plotline back, given the ones they killed off.

    Newcomer, Olivia… Oh Elliot you single minded idiot sometimes. That was actually pretty sweet.

    If I hate myself enough to start using again, I might as well kill myself.


  4. 404 Not Found

    Darlene and a drunk Santa; Tyrell, Elliot, and Mr. Robot enjoying nature; and Dom being sexually frustrated.

    A truly strange, low key but creepy but also emotional episode’oof that’s a mix.

    Besides. I think you’re the only person I know that actually likes me.

    Oh this show.

  5. 405 Method Not Available

    Loved the heist scene! Poor Dom.

  6. 406 Not Acceptable

    Vera plot? Weird and I wasn’t sure why it was still going on. … Vera monologging about little bitch’s xmas bat? One heck of a scene. That is going to get interesting.

    The parallels scenes between Elliot and Darlene’s previous relationships; also powerful. Man Elliot is ruthless/ununderstanding sometimes.

    You know, I may work for monsters'

    … but you are one.

    And you’re the worst kind; because you don’t even know it.

    And Dom and Darlene. Oooooy. Taxidermy lady is so very wonderful creepy.

  7. 407 Proxy Authentication Required

    … shit and puke poured out of me …

    Oh this show. This was one heck of a crazy episode… given that it took place in two rooms with only 6 (5?) characters… Oy.

  8. 408 Request Timeout

    Dang taxidermy lady is nuts. And Dom is awesome.

    OTOH, I did not expect to see someone out crazy even her .

    Also, poor crazy Elliot. So much mind screw.

  9. 409 Conflict

    Dang. Biggest thing since 5/9… Quite a mess.

    And there are still a handfull of episodes left.

  10. 410 Gone

    A well needed cooling off after the last few episodes. More time with Darlene and Dom (oh broken people).

    And of course, Leon:

    Leon: Besides, I’ve gotta find a rest stop anyway. Gotta steal me a mirror real quick.

    Dominique DiPierro: …

    Leon: What, do you not know your Vonnegut? I gotta take a whiz, okay? Too many Code Reds this mornin’. sighs. Man, nobody fuckin… reads anymore.

    Side note: If everyone suddenly has X more e-coin, isn’t the obvious next thing a spike in inflation of just about everything?

  11. eXit

    Elliot: You’re right. I hate people.

    Fun Society? Nah. Fuck Society. I… can’t believe I didn’t think of that.

Elliot: … something that I can’t. They love me.

Elliot in defense of humanity. And I still need to know what Whiterose's project us... 

And then in the third last episode... everything does *really* sideways. This is a bizarre time for it'
  1. whoami

    Elliot: If I see her, will this world make more sense? Or less?

    A seriously weird turn. Elliot’s a few steps worse now?

  2. Hello, Elliott

    Elliot(s)! Mr. Robot! Dom! A wedding!

    That… was not at all how I expected this show to end, but you know… I think they pulled it off.