Review: Hellblazer, Vol. 13: Haunted

Series: Hellblazer: #13

One heck of a crazy longer story (Haunted, one of the best of that length) and a bunch of shorter ones, ranging from not much to really good.

Mini-reviews and pretty pictures (spoilers):


That’s a story. Enough time to breathe, a cast of new and interesting story, and all sorts of gross and creepy scenes.

Part One

Oy. Although you can’t say she’s wrong.

Murder scene description: oy that’s graphic.

Part Two

Oh boy. Map is an interesting one. Hope we see more of him.

Another step along the journey.

Part Three

I think he might be on the right road… Takes a bit, but:

Part Four

More Map!

I… have no idea what exactly he just did, but go Map! (That was gross)

Still more steps forward.

Part Five

Where old magicians go to be dead. An interesting place. An interesting person.

Huh. I didn’t expect that.

Part Six

Ah. That makes more sense.

And then gets downright twisted. Eye for an eye, torture for torture? Oy.

I wonder if he’ll be back…


The changing artists/styles remains jarring. I like this Constantine more than the chiseled jaw of Haunted though personally.


Quick, self-contained, and twisted. I like it.

The Crib

Well that’s certainly a bit of mythology…

Yet anther style too:

And then:

I’m… not even sure sometimes. The idea of the crib fits in Constantine’s world… but so does—this. Oy.

Setting Sun

Oh boy.

Weird story.

One Last Love Song

The saga of dead girls past.


Telling Tales

“True story”

Uh huh.


Hilarious (in a twisted sort of way).


Creepy. Incomplete.

Ashes & Honey

Part One

Supposed to be impossible… so what’s the cost now?

Part Two


An interesting, quiet sort of magic. I like it.

Tell Me

An odd ghost story.

All Those Little Girls and Boys

I feel like we’ve already done this, this volume even.