Review: Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

Series: Star Wars: #8

Series: Star Wars (All - Release Order)

Series: Star Wars (All - Chronological Order): #8

More Star Wars! I remember being… somewhat disappointed. Tonally, they got away from the nostalgia of the Force Awakens. There are still some absolutely beautiful/powerful moments (the final battles over the salt flats or whatever those were were pretty cool), but not quite as strong as it was before. And there are all sorts of things that just feel ’less magical’ and more movie driven than anything.

This time around, I liked it a lot more. It still has some issues, but it’s still a solid enough Star Wars movie and (in my opinion) worth watching.

Random thoughts, potential spoilers:

  • Poe is … kind of nuts. A single fighter versus a Dreadnaught? I get where the General is coming from here. It at least fits the character though.

  • I love getting more Luke. Especially an older Luke who’s been through a bunch of crap and is not wanting to take on another apprentice.

    Luke Skywalker: Who are you?

    It’s a legit question. And I feel like they have to be going somewhere with this. A lot lovechild? Another twin thing? (That doesn’t make much sense…)

  • They’ve tracked us through lightspeed!

    Well. I suppose that’s one way to amp up drama. They certainly did that well enough with the newer Battlestar: Galactica. But then again… why is this suddenly a thing now? Fuel and tracking?

  • Badass Leia force flying moment! She should not have survived that… (Especially when she ended up passing away before the film, although they wouldn’t/couldn’t have known.)

  • The echos/inversion of Rey/Kylo versus Luke/Vader are pretty cool. Trying to turn her dark/him back. And it works! I’m not sure what to think about Snoke's death... , but it was powerful at least.

  • The truth about your parents.

    This annoyed me on first watch, but this time around… he’s totally lying. Right? He has to be lying.

  • Phasma with a sword! That’s pretty cool. Versus Finn with whatever that shock club thing was.

Overall, a lot of cool scenes and it’s a good action film. Better than I remembered, if suffering a bit from middle-movie syndrome (certainly more than The Empire Strikes Back did!). Worth a watch. And now… on to the one I haven’t seen yet. Oh my.