Review: Hellblazer, Vol. 11: Last Man Standing

Series: Hellblazer: #11

A solid one. Big stories are interesting, little ones are touching_weird_sweet, and Constantine’s got some new people and problems to deal with. Nothing too surreal either, which I appreciate.

Mini-reviews (spoilers):

Days of Wine and Roses

A little bit of Constantine, a little bit of regular human terror.

The Wild Hunt

Oh my.

Also: Colts!

Last Man Standing

Argue and his men as ancient immortals? Merlin as a dragon? Sign me up!

Painting God as imperfect and screwed up as the rest of us is controversial to say the least, but I find the idea fascinating. And it seems that the authors of Hellblazer tend to agree. 😆

Part One: a Different Kind of Tension

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Oh Constantine’s face.

Part Two: No More Heroes

But which is the actual plot?

Neither! MERLIN!

Constantine really does seem to get right in the middle of things.

Old beings fighting is a neat trope though. And it’s not angels and demons this time! (Or is it…)

Especially given that they were apparently there almost at Creation and the Grail is involved. The latter is Arthurian I suppose.

Part Three: Human Punk

… of course.

Which then tends to go rather sideways:

… so what’s in the box?

Oh my.

Part Four: You’re Just a…

insert Austin Powers style head puns here

I love this. There’s just so much you could do with this version of Arthur. And I bet it is only a short run. Still cool.

Part Five: No One is Innocent

A few pages of all the crazy terrible things Constantine has been through / mostly brought on himself. Oy.

… … … I’ve got nothing.

In the Red Corner

That’s… saying something. Interesting.

Gets much weirder before it’s done though.


Part One

He’s back! And so is ghostly trouble.

Part Two

That’s a jump.

The final connection to the opening running scenes and the title though… worth it.

Life and Death and Taxis

Not a typo.

Betty and a baby. Birth and death.

A short, sweet story.


Oh Constantine.

Sometimes, they they just can’t be saved.

Desperately Seeking Something

Who? Me?

A fascinating story structure. And a nice place for a cameo too:

Dead guy’s not wrong.

A neat one to end on.