Review: Hellblazer, Vol. 10: In the Line of Fire

Series: Hellblazer: #10

Fortune telling, Constantine’s father, more evil demons and arguably worse angels, and of course dead soldiers who can’t find rest.

Not a standout volume, but still pretty good.

Mini reviews (spoilers):

The Nature of the Beast


Reading the future is a common enough trope in this genre, but I enjoyed it.

Walking the Dog

Another ghost story…


Oops. A neat twist.

Punkin’ Up the Great Outdoors

Going to be a weird one:


Of course it all goes poorly in the end. As these sorts of things do.

Sins of the Father

That’s an interesting way to do magic, it literally true. I may have to steal it.

Oh my.

He’s such an odd / interesting one.

As far as strategies/metaphors go…

Quite a hard hitting story. A bit of mental relief for Constantine, I think? And always wondering just how real it was.

Football: It’s a Funny Old Game

Constantine, going to a football game. What could possibly go wrong?


Difficult Beginnings

Part One: The Single Sided Coin

Constantine has been through quite a lot… and the mental toll of that seems to be catching up with him.

Part Two: The Trouble with Worms


Part Three: The Darkening of the Light

Now that’s a follow up. Nothing without a cost, especially in Constantine’s world.

Ellie as well. Oh Constantine(s) you sod(s).

A weird/incomplete place to end.

A Taste of Heaven

In a world where divine inspiration seems both commonplace…

…and to come with a cost? I’m looking forward to it.

Oh Angels.

In the Line of Fire

Part One

A solider’y ghost story sounds like.

Part Two: Over My Dead Body

Another fascinating character. Ripe for puns:

A quick end but a good story.