Review: The Holy Bible: Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition

No. I’m not going to review the Bible.

I did however, read the entire Bible this year (for the second time, first time with the additional Catholic books). This time around, guided by the excellent Bible in a Year podcast hosted by Fr. Mike Schmitz.

Over the course of the year, it goes through every single book in the Bible in a fairly well thought out order–which certainly does make you realize just how much more of the Old Testament there is… (For context, the OT is 3x as long as the NT.) Given that the host is a priest, there’s a definite Catholic slant to things, but the commentary and extra context that applies to it is absolutely fascinating. Catholic or Protestant, agnostic or atheist, I think it’s something worth investing a half hour a day into.

Heck, I made it through an entire year. 😄

(And I still only counted it as one book.)