Review: Hellblazer, Vol. 9: Critical Mass

Series: Hellblazer: #9

Two big stories, a few really trippy dreams, and Constantine managing to push off damnation a bit longer. A neat collection. Critical Mass in particular is worth the read.

Mini reviews (spoilers):

In Another Part of Hell

Chas’ mother… quite a figure.

Warped Notions

Part One: The Delicate Power of Terror

Allllll right then.

Same thing.

Part Two: The Everything Virus

They’re really going into the weird this time around…

Part Three: The Shout

He’s figuring it out!

Part Four: Mountain of Madness

Hard to argue with a dead man… Unless of course you’re in Constantine’s world.

That’s a neat trick!


Ah. Another one of those.

Double ah. Actually… one of those. I’m not sure how this is supposed to be terribly less problematic than the attitudes in the story itself.

Dangerous Ground

… oh Constantine.

A bit of a come come back/improvement from the first half. I wonder if we’ll actually see any repercussions from that.

Riding the Green Lanes

Cursive in comics is really cool looking… but man it’s hard to read sometimes.

A quick ghost story. Nothing more.

Critical amass

Part One: Bait

This one has potential.

And yet, nothing seems off limits.

Part Two: Troubled Waters

And now Constantine has to find one better…

Or answers at least. Neat concept.

Part Three: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

A way out the same way he got into this mess? The same tricks twice? Might just work…

Part Four: Coming up for Air

Part Five: Hook, Line, & Sinker

So that’s what he was doing. Neat trick. How in the world did he pull it off though?

And yet at the end:

That is a story I want yet.