2021 TV & Movies Retrospective

I do a post each year on books, but this year I also started reviewing movies and TV shows! I have absolutely no idea how much value people get out of this (and I’d love to hear from you), but I enjoy doing it, so I’m not going to stop any time soon. :D

In any case, it’s been a good year for movies and TV!

Overall, I watched:

  • 55 movies

  • 14 TV shows (46 total seasons)

    • 17 seasons of Stargate for another rewatch!
    • All 5 MCU TV series released this year
    • Mostly on Hulu (Stargate), but also Disney+ (MCU), and HBOMax (Watchmen and the Sopranos)

That’s… a lot of media when you put it all in one place. And well worth it I’d say!

Based on a blog post from long ago, I still rank all movies I watch in one year:

It’s really hard to do that though. Everything in roughly the first half/~20 movies I absolutely loved. Everything down to the mid 30s, I really enjoyed. Even down at the bottom, I still think they were interesting movies to watch, I just didn’t like them nearly as much / could see their flaws. As I mentioned in my reading retrospective, I’ve come to the realization over the last year that I tend to like just about everything. But… I’m okay with that!

If you’d rather them ordered by the order I watched them in:

Posts in 2021 Movie Reviews:

And here are my TV posts (in viewing order):

Posts in 2021 TV Reviews:

On to another fantastic year!