2021 Reading Retrospective

Well. That was a year. Covid, take 2. A new job. A new baby. I didn’t quite make my 200 books this year (I didn’t quite even make it to 1/2 days), but that’s okay. I still read a giant pile. :D

Some stats:

  • 179 books read: 1 every 2.04 days (almost!)
  • 47,236 pages read: roughly 130 pages/day
  • 29 audiobooks, 96 graphic novels, 18 children’s chapter books, 18 non-fiction
  • 56 unique authors (top were Hajime Isayama, Patricia Briggs, Warren Ellis, and Neil Gaiman)
  • 19 series (top were Attack on Titan, Mercy Thompson/Alpha & Omega, Sandman, and Runelords)

Shortest: The Shepherd's Tale with 56 pages, longest: The Holy Bible: Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition with over 1000. That feels like cheating though, so let’s go with Rhythm of War at 1270 / Crafting Interpreters at 865. 😄

The most read book I read this year was 1984 with 5 million others reading it (on Goodreads alone; I was working on my earliest backlog). Least popular: Tales of Nezura: Book 1: The Zevolra with only 39. It … wasn’t bad. Give it a try?

Overall, I gave 119 five-star ratings, 45 four-star, 7 three-star, and less than 10 other ratings. I’ve come to the realization over the last year that I tend to like just about everything. Books in particular, they’re only on my list if I think I’d find them interesting, so of course, they’ll be rated highly…

Not bad.

All together, I read:

  • Graphic Novels

    • Attack on Titan
    • Serenity
    • The Sandman
    • White Sand
  • Children’s Chapter Books

    • Chronicles of Narnia
    • The Borrowers
  • Novels († audiobooks, ‡ in progress)

    • Alpha & Omega
    • Books of the Ancestor
    • Chief Inspector Armand Gamache (only read 1)
    • Gemma Doyle
    • Lady Astronaut
    • Mercy Thompson †
    • Runelords †‡
    • The Broken Earth †
    • The Infernal Devices
    • The Locked Tomb ‡
    • The Risen Kingdoms
    • The Stormlight Arshive
    • The Warlord Chronicles

There were a lot of good books in there!

I’m still working on my 2021 Book Bingo, so that will be my main driver for books starting this year (and I won’t be making an overall list), but this year I really do want to hit 200. Let’s DO IT!

If you really want to dig into it, here’s the full list of this year’s posts (in order):

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Pretty crazy looking at it that way. 😄