Review: Hawkeye

Series: Marvel Cinematic Universe: #26.1

Series: MCU Phase 4: #3.1

Series: MCU TV: #5

I really enjoyed Hawkeye.

It’s just fun, which compared to Wandvision and Loki and really even What If… is a worthwhile goal and really does a lot to show off the more human scale of superheroes. It’s never really made much sense that Hawkeye and Black Widow were Avengers… and it still doesn’t. But they do it anyways. Because what Heroes do.

It’s nice to see them building up the new ‘Young Avengers’ and branching out as much as they are. I think Hailee Steinfeld did a great job, especially when acting against Florence Pugh's Yelena .


Individual episode reviews (potential spoilers):


  1. Never Meet Your Heroes

    So… it’s Christmas. Hawkeye us trying to do the family thing (that will go poorly) and we’ve got a replacement in the wings in Kate Bishop. An introductory episode, but an enjoyable one.

    Also… Avengers the musical was hilarious. I would absolutely love to see a full length version of that.

  2. Hide and Seek

    Okay, Kate Bishop and Hawkeye together are hilarious and adorable. If we’re passing a torch it totally works.

    Also Hawkeye at the ren faire was great. Even better remembering that the actor’s namre is Renner.

    Also also the fact that super heroes always fight baddies with the same power makes it fascinating (intentionally I’m sure) that the baddie at the end is apoarently also hearing impaired or deaf.

  3. Echoes


    An almost completely silent first act was powerful enough, but combine that with a nameless henchman actually being a caring father (even if he was actually a criminal or not) as villain origin story.

    And then pulling in the division among the deaf community when it comes to hearing aides and being as you are…


    This show is increasingly in my running for favorite MCU show… which is saying something.

  4. Partners, Am I Right?

    Kate and Clint are adorable.

    Clint: I told you you’re supposed to be lookout.

    Kate: Yeah, but of the two of us, who do you trust up there not to get distracted?

    Clint: That’s not fair, that your inability to act like a grown-up helps you get your way.

    Kate: (SCOFFS) No, it’s not. But it is what it is.

    Also, Yelena! . I’m looking forward to more of her! Bit weird with only two episodes left, but we’ll see how it goes.

  5. Ronin

    And then Yelena… and the snap. That is not something we’ve actually seen on screen before. Crazy.

  6. So This is Christmas?

    That was quite the final episode. Touching moments (he said partners!), terrifying fights (Fisk is a badass… and totally not dead), twists and turns (I … still don’t know what to think about Jack), and mass murder (seriously, they killed dozens of Tracksuit goons).

    I’m looking forward to Echo now. And maybe a Laura Barton spinoff? Or the return of the LARPers? ALL THE MCU/DISNEY+ SHOWS.