Review: Mr. Robot: Season 3

Series: Mr. Robot: #3

Oh boy. This one really dug into the darker parts of character growth. Elliot finds new ways to be even crazier, Angela is… off the rails entirely, Moustache Guy (Bobby Cannavale/Irvin) is awesome, and the entire plot of Darlene, Dominque, and the FBI was fascinating to watch.

I keep being pleasantly surprised with where this show keeps going. I wouldn’t have expected them to make it past the first season plotwise… yet here we are. I’m looking forward to where we can go from here!

Spoilery (for the ones that came before) thoughts on individual episodes:

  1. eps3.0_power-saver-mode.h

    Well that’s a start.

    You were planning this with them all along behind my back.

    No, no, it wasn’t like that.

    Because you didn’t think I’d go along with it? Killing all of those people?

    It wasn’t me!

    Is that better or worse…

    I do love the new guy’s (Bobby Cannavale as Irving) sense of humor. Wonderfully dry.

    A few more thoughts: Angela broke away to help Eliot… and Darlene is totally working with the FBI. (Not confirmed, but she totally is.)

    Not to mention that Angela is kind of… out there.

    What if I told you we could make it like none of this ever happened?

    Either she’s crazy or we’re going from Fight Club to the Matrix. Which… I think I’d be okay with?

    And finally:

    Mr. Robot: How do you know that you’re not talking to him right now?

    Angela: Your eyes. You’re never trying to look away.

    It’s interesting that the Mr. Robot personality doesn’t have nearly the gamut of autistic spectrum traits that Elliot has…

  2. eps3.1_undo.gz

    Elliot trying to hit undo in a very Elliot sort of way…

    Biggest question of the episode: are those emoji masks real or CGI?


    Wow. Tyrell Wellick is … something.

    Also, new guy with the mustache:

    If you’re seeing me… that means you boys fucked up.

    Less funny now. Interesting retrofitting him in. I wonder how much of this was known/planned while they filmed Season 2.

    Also: oh that Trump implication…

    Also also: Wallace Shawn. Oh that man is a jewel.

  4. eps3.3_metadata.par2

    That poor pink-haired pick pocket. Darlene… may have lost it.

    Angela… is really into something.

    Darlene… is hitting on Dom?

    Tyrell… is coming to an ending and he’s not going to be happy about this.

    Oh things are ramping up.

    You as a person makes no sense.


  5. eps3.4_runtime-error.r00

    Beginnings are difficult.

    Beginnings are easy.

    Perseverance is an art.

    (in German)

    Elliot is missing time… oh, and fired. Stage 2 needs a Plan B. Abd Angela is really stepping up.

Crazy show.


    Angela’s totally losing it, Elliot’s well passed that point, Mr. Robot is gaining strength, and Dom has a hunch and I fully expect she’ll either end up the hero… or dead. Also… what is White Rose’s plan?

    Quite an intense episode…

  2. eps3.6_fredrick+tanya.chk

    Wait, what? Mobly and Trenton are *alive*?! . Not sure that’s better.

    Also… oh Angela. Waaaaay over her head. And not taking it well.

  3. eps3.7_dont-delete-me.ko

    An odd, slow episode. Closure of sorts for Mobley and Trenton, Elliot saved by kid logic, and maybe a way back for Angela.

    Oh this show.

    I’m now hoping/expecting that season 4 is Elliot (possibly teaming up with Mr. Robot) going after the Dark Army and Whiterose. We shall see.

  4. eps3.8_stage3.torrent

    As I expected, Elliot is trying to take down Dark Army and save the world. There might be a chance… but oh is it a long shot.

    Also Darlene and Dom. “It’s complicated.”

    Also also Angela us really off the deep end now. Not sure where that is going.

  5. shutdown -r

And then everything blew up (figuratively this time). Less twisty than previous seasons… but still pretty dang twisty. So many layers of warped and hidden memories.

I wonder if/when we’re ever actually going to learn what Whiterose’s plan is… and if whatever it is is actually possible in thus universe.