Review: Hellblazer, Vol. 6: Bloodlines

Series: Hellblazer: #6

A very solid issue. A couple of great longer storylines with long term consequences (Guys & Dolls was great) and a few shorter one offs (Lord of the Dance in particular I enjoyed). Could have been longer, but there’s still potentially more story to be told there.

I’m enjoying seeing Constantine and Kit’s relationship evolve. It gives a nice human element to contrast the horror. I only hope that doesn’t go too badly for her in the long run…

The Pub Where I Was Born

I love the feel of the place. A lot of potential. And a bit of a breather after Deadly Habits:

Alas, it wasn’t to last. Not like that’s surprising. It wouldn’t be much of a story otherwise.

Love Kills

Well that’s brutal.

Should have been expected though.

Lord of the Dance

(The version I know best.)


Certainly a standalone, but I enjoyed it.

Remarkable Lives

You know… I don’t really envy Constantine sometimes.

Who now?

Well that’s a twist. Always interesting to see things that old. Let’s see how Constantine handles this.

Another solid single. Did Constantine just make a new, very powerful enemy?

Counting to Ten

One of those ‘I’ll be there no matter what stories, this time with old ladies. Haven’t seen that particular group in this story. A little creepier somehow.

Because you know it’s going to go all twisty or we wouldn’t be reading it.

Doesn’t really go anywhere though…

Royal Blood

Well that’s certainly dark… a nice longer storyline.

The Players

And when even that goes wrong, who’re you going to call? Ghostbusters. Nah. Not nearly snarky enough.


Part two: the setup…

… and the politics.

Ramps up to a wonderfully gross seance and a name:

The Good Old Days

Neat world building.

Dog Eat Dog

… ah. So that’s the plan. I suppose it makes a twisted sort of sense.

And so it is. A good storyline.

This is the Diary of Danny Drake

Well that’s a bit of a tonal jump after a four issue story line.

Still interesting though. Can’t think of another story I’ve read with a captured Archangel, even hinted at.

Not hugely much of a story otherwise.

Human Clay

Chas’ uncle? Oy. They certainly do seem to fall into a lot of stories. Comes from being protagonists I suppose.

A lot of potential in mixing science and dark magic. I hope that’s where this story is going. Need to find more of that.

Body and Soul

There it is. Now all that’s left is how much is intentional… and how do they stop it.

Guys & Dolls

Oh I do love this storyline. I hope to see more of it (and given the last issue of this volume, we might just).

Fallen Woman

Fascinating. Following up from Sandman #4: Season of Mists. Perhaps there is something to be said for shared universes.

Nativity Infernal

I love it.


Crazy story…

She’s Buying a Stairway to Heaven

Makes you wonder what’s impossible and what’s just too crazy for most to try…

Really, it’s setting up some future payoff, but oh what the story…