Review: Hellblazer, Vol. 4: The Family Man

Series: Hellblazer: #4

Better than Volume 3 by a long shot. Starts weird but interesting and gets better from there. I’ll reiterate though that I can’t really imagine buying these by issue, especially in real time. A volume has enough meat to it to sustain a storyline.

Larger than Life

This has potential! Certainly starting the weird a bit quicker.

An interesting mix of mythologies. Given the nature of world building, it could very well be Cerberus or just named therefore.

An interesting and bizarre story. I wonder if it’s stand alone?


The Family Man

Uh huh. I think you might be there.

Also a reminder that while Constantine might be a good sort when demons are concerned…

…he’s not exactly a perfect paragon of virtue.

Then again, he ends up turning up something for more interesting.

Early Warning

They could very well be speaking literally (magitech is fascinating) or figuratively and I’d not know enough about this world to guess. I know demons are real, we’ve seen them. But do they know that?


A little of both and a bit of neither it seems.

That’s what makes for interesting reading!

How I Learned to Love the Bomb

Well that got delightfully dark.

Especially when:

Oh! The plot thickens.

That’s a pretty cool story line.

Hold Me

Weird/different art style and a weird start to the plot (again with the sperm donation? Constantine comments on that :) but once we get to the smelly man things get properly weird. And then it’s over…

Thicker than Water

Well that’s a start. At least it’s more colorful? It’s nice (for some definitions thereof) to get back to the Family Man plot.

Of course that’s a thing.

Sick at Heart

And then it was personal. I didn’t put that together last time…


Confrontation! Motivation! And to some extent it all started with a later date night. Granted, there had to be underlying problems, but that is still perfectly mundane.

I didn’t realize how relatively early in his career this would be for Constantine.

Mourning of the Magician

A callback to Gemma and the ghost wives! Nice follow up. Been a bit.

And dealing with his dad on top of it. A way of letting go.

Voodoo arrested via formaldehyde amuses me somewhat.

New Tricks

That’s a villain.

Heh. Seriously? That worked?

Sundays are Different

Llew… ttah gimht eb a bloprme…

And so it ends.