Review: Hellblazer, Vol. 2: The Devil You Know

Series: Hellblazer: #2

Well that’s a ride. The continuation of the Swamp Thing sexy times storyline, some more backstory on how Constantine got to be how he is, Constantine all Arthurian (for some reason), and a straight up horror story.

Weaker than volume 1 but worth continuing to volume 3!

Sex and Death

Starts where we left off, with Constantine out of body and the Swamp Thing doing his mating thing… That is not a plot line I care at all about.

Oh Constantine. Messing with prophecy and ruining the girl’s life on the way.

This should have been part of Volume 1 (or dropped entirely).

Newcastle: A Taste of Things to Come

Ah, now there’s a plot I care more about. Why is Constantine the way he is…

Man that gets dark. And young Constantine is kind of an over confident ass.

Which goes as well as can be expected…

The Devil You Know…

That’s satisfying. Dealing with one demon and a callback to the friend stuck in a computer.

On the Beach

A nice vacation day of sorts…

Which quickly takes a turn for the surreal. A dream, a nightmare. It’s hard to tell sometimes when you have a world with such fuzzy rules as comics do…

The Bloody Saints: Part One

Constantine, reeling and broken. A chance from the past, before the mess in New Castle.

But it’s not for him…

The Bloody Saints: Part Two

That was a very strange issue. Constantine is King Author? With lots of puking blood? I don’t get it.

Lol wat.

The Horrorist

That is a very different feel…

Cold (literally) and horrifying in the best way, and I’d like to see more of it—I’m not a huge fan of the style for most of Hellblazer thus far. I’m not sure where it fits with anything else, but it’s a good standalone.

Only to end with Constantine basically fucking her to death . That’s certainly a choice.