Review: Wizardborn

Series: The Runelords: #3

Man these stories keep escalating. It’s really kind of impressive. From the story of a powerful invading lord to bugs from the depths of the Earth to dark magic, super powerful evil beings from another world, and perhaps even worse… Man there’s a lot here.

On top of that, we’re digging a lot more into the various magic systems of this universe. Averan is Earth Wizardborn and can eat the brains of Reavers to learn from them , which gives us a much better idea of how the Revears work internally. We’re seeing a lot more about the Air powers, along with the continued Earth (Gaborn) and Fire (Raj Ahten). Even Water, although that’s a bit more subtle thus far (which fits).

Craziest of all… the end of the world is coming in five days (according to Gaborn’s feelings). And this story doesn’t even cover all that yet. It’s a hefty book, for how little time it covers. It just keeps escalating!

“Milady,” he said, “what do you know of the stars?”

“They’re pretty,” Iome said dryly.

“Yes,” Jennaise said. “And you may also know that as the seasons progress, the constellations rotate about the sky. At the first of the year, Elwind rides over the mountains of the north. But at high summer he is almost straight overhead.”

“I know,” Iome said.

“Then it is with great…bewilderment that I must report that the stars are wrong.”

“What?” Iome asked.

“The stars are wrong tonight. It is all very baffling. Tonight is the third of the month of Leaves. But by our charts, the stars read as if it were the twentieth of the month of Harvest–off by two weeks.”

“How can that be?” Iome asked. “Could the charts be wrong? Perhaps–“

“The charts are not wrong. I’ve been over them a hundred times. I can think of only one explanation,” Jennaise answered. “The world is taking some new path through the heavens. Even the moon–by my preliminary measurements–“

One of the best stories we get… Borenson and Myrrima. I could most definiately do without the near constant mentions of ‘walnuts’ (seriously… it feels like half the story at times), but the way they grow (both individually and together) is pretty cool.

Looking forward to where the story goes next!