Review: Transmetropolitan, Vol. 6: Gouge Away

Series: Transmetropolitan: #6

It continues!

It really is getting to be a mission now isn’t it… It’s interesting how the series continues to deal with what exactly it means to be a ‘Journalist’, both to Spider and to the reader in general. It’s … complicated. And when you’re taking on someone as powerful as the President of the United States… Oh Boy.

There’s also the delightful story ‘The Walk’, all about the girls out on the town…

And yet they’re still caught up in Spider’s web (heh, yes I have been waiting to use that one).

A few more interesting images/spoilers:

They’re not supposed to make a difference and quite often they don’t. But every once in a while, someone is mad enough to actually care.

It’s ironic because… you kind of are.

There’s an interesting discussion to be had there around journalism and Truth. Must the Truth be told? Is truth absolute?

On the run! And it’s just what he needed!