Review: The Borrowers Avenged

Series: The Borrowers: #5

That’s a bit of an odd ending.

On one hand, it’s another Borrowers story. They find another place to live and do tiny Borrower things to make themselves feel at home. It’s amusing how very much it changes for them, when really the entire series probably takes place over a few square miles at most.

On another hand, it’s interesting to see some fallout from the kidnapping in The Borrowers Aloft. They’re still around and obsessed with finding some miniature people to exploit. There’s a definite sense of tension when being ‘seen’ might be entirely more intentional.

On another hand (just go with it), the ending is… abrupt. Especially given that it’s the end of the series, it’s a bummer how it just sort of stops. One moment, you’re in the climax of the story and then two paragraphs later, it’s over. Okay then?

On one more last hand… it’s kind of weird that Spiller is just kind of dropped. He’s still in the story, but given that it definitely seemed that he and Arrietty were being set up, it’s something of a change in tone. There’s a new interest in Peagreen–who might be just as good if not a better match, but it doesn’t feel like the same characters.

Overall, it’s a great series stretched perhaps a bit too far. The children loved it and I enjoyed reading it to them, which is more than enough for me!