Palm Springs

Who doesn’t love a good time loop movie/episode? Especially a crude (at times) time loop + romantic comedy.

Nyles: I guess you followed me. It’s one of those infinite time loop situations you might have heard about.

Sarah: That I might have heard about?

Nyles: Yeah.

I think that’s pretty much the best part about the movie: there is more than one person trapped in and aware of the loop and Nyles at least is perfectly genre aware. He’s seen the time loop movies and knows how screwed up they can be.

Plotwise, it’s stock standard time loop + comedy + a touch of romance. For the time loop they go through all the stages: figure out what’s going on, not believe it, trying to kill themselves, enjoying themselves, giving up, and finally pushing through to get out. For the comedy, there are bits of adult oriented humor, various absurd situations played for laughs. For the romance, there’s the meet cute, the falling for each other, the betrayal, and the final reconciliation. There’s nothing new under the sun, at least not in these particular genres, but I think they did a good job combining it all.

Castwise, Andy Samberg is Andy Samberg. If you like his sort of humor, you’ll like him in this movie. Cristin Milioti does a great job as costar/costuck-in-time love interest, and J.K. Simmons absolutely shines as Roy a grumpy old man also stuck in the time loop . Is there anything he doesn’t shine in? Having only otherwise seen Tyler Hoechlin as Superman in Supergirl was … distracting. But he’s got a relatively small part.

Overall, it’s a fun movie. There’s nothing deep here and it doesn’t quite rise to the rewatchable classic status of Groundhog Day, but I’m glad I watched it. For that, it ends up about in the middle of the year.