Review: Transmetropolitan, Vol. 1: Back on the Street

Series: Transmetropolitan: #1

Oooh boy.

Warning: Language.

Transmetropolitan is one of those graphic novels that I read around a decade ago. I remember it being absolutely crazy and a joy to read… but really not much beyond that. It’s very very well rated, so worth giving another try. And better yet, the first two volumes are on Comixology Unlimited.

So let’s give it a try!

In a nutshell, it’s a series of stories about Spider Jerusalem–a ‘retired’ ‘journalist’ who’s been in a self-exposed exile in the mountains for five years only to be brought back to finish a novel deal. But to write, he needs a place to live and things to eat, and for that he needs money.


So he’s back to the city–the city of the 23rd century. Chock full of corruption, ads, genetic modification, drugs, replication technology, and all manner of other weird and wonderful technology.

And all of that very well needs a JOURNALIST.

What follows is a series of cynical, irreverent, hilarious cases of Spider Jerusalem versus the world. Quite a fun read.

It’s coming back to me now and I’m looking forward to the reread!

More pictures. Potential spoilers.


Little hints like these are wonderful worldbuilding. Auto-cannibalism memes? CATHOLIC auto-cannibalism memes?


Fuck fuck fuck etc.


Wonderful technology, all the better because it can be snarky back. Especially given…


One of the pretty cool things to find is the social commentary.


It works then and it works now/a few hundred years ago.


… yup. He knows the President. And bumps into him in the bathroom. It gets worse.


And that… that’s the terrifying bits of technology we learn a bit about.

I love it. On to Volume 2!