Review: The Sopranos: Season 4

Series: The Sopranos: #4

Man that was another season. Ralphie is a great character to love to hate, Christopher is really having some drug issues, and things really come to a head between Tony and Carmela. A great season and I look forward to the next.

Mini-reviews per episode:

  • All Debts, Public and Private: Ralphie and Janice now… come on .
  • No-Show: Meadow is moody, Christopher is moving up—that’s going to be trouble.
  • Christopher: Columbus versus Native Americans. That’s a complicated issue… not about to be resolved in an episode. Add on another random death poor Bacala :/ . And Ralphie continues to be an ass. But that’s not new. Weird one.
  • The Weight: The power of a mobster when a slight is felt. Eventually that will (I hope) catch up with Ralphie.
  • Pie-o-My: Adriana, trying to do the right thing in a tricky situation. Carmela, trying to do the right thing in a tricky situation. And… horses. Apparently. Odd sometimes.
  • Everybody Hurts: Oh Christopher. Oh Artie. Oh AJ. Man everything is about to blow one way or another.
  • Watching Too Much Television: Well Christopher is an ass… The politics of real estate is fascinating. Also Furio feels the same… it doesn’t?
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Ah. Cancer. And Tony and Ralphie are so going to have to end things one way or another… And Furio. So many things… Looking forward to some endings.
  • Whoever Did This: Finally.
  • The Strong, Silent Type: Well, that’s a thing. Drugs are one hell of a drug.
  • Calling All Cars: What is Janice doing… What is AJ doing… man this is screwy.
  • Eloise: Speaking of what are they doing… Furio and Carmela. Oy.
  • Whitecaps: And that’s the straw that broke the camels back. On to next season… At least the HUD/Carmine, Uncle Junior, and Christopher on drugs plots are resolved. More or less.