Review: Attack on Titan, Vol. 29

Series: Attack on Titan: #29

Things just keep on getting crazier and muckier. There are many sides all fighting all over the place and it’s not entirely clear how everything is going to end up…

More complications with Eren, Zeke, and the Founder. Turns out perhaps neither of them is really a ‘good’ guy in the end…

Going to push through to finish this, since it’s been such a long time reading. But it’s still a crazy and most of the times good story.

Favorite/most interesting scenes/spoilers:


Political betrayal! The arm bands always seemed a bit odd to me. People are going to lie.


No idea how much of this is happening or hallucination. That’s always the problems with fantasy worlds–especially those with unreliable narrators. It could all very well be a dream… but I don’t think so?


You know, I really don’t disagree with this. Eren always felt like the hero of the story… but it’s getting more and more questionable. We’ll just have to see how it turns out.


Airdropped Titans. Because of course that’s a thing.


What… is with that face?