Review: Taskmaster: Series 12

Series: Taskmaster: #12

Oh, that’s quite a cast.

  • Alan Davies: The old one.
  • Desiree Burch: She certainly goes all out.
  • Guz Khan: Those eyes.
  • Morgana Robinson: So very emotive… The word that comes to mind is ‘fae’
  • Victoria Coren Mitchell: Subtle and hilarious when you realize it.

Series reviews:

  1. An inbalance in the poppability

    Well that started delightfully risqué, escalates to swearing at Alex, and ended up with a prize task submission… of Personally the chair he’s sitting on. And the tasks haven’t even started yet. I expect to enjoy this series.

  2. Oatmeal and Death

    Guz’s face when that thing started bouncing. A cute episode but not a standout.

  3. The End of the Franchise

    Oh British terminology. A ‘whizzer’. ‘Tipp-Ex’. Although I expect that’s probably a brand name.

    The mirroring task was hilarious. i would do so badly at that… Artsy snake!

    And then the bridge… Desiree’s reaction was great.

    Why would a grown woman walk into a room… and immediately eat some sand?

    And I do love tasks where there’s a hidden way to do the task far easier/better.

  4. The Customized Inhaler

    Victoria had never learned to ride a a bike. That is absolutely hilarious.

    How about team tasks! When solving a riddle, three brains are obviously better… right?

    Desiree: Literally this entire has amounted to nothing you guys.

  5. Croissants Is Croissants

    100 episodes! And I’ve seen them all. Well worth the time.

    Sit on a cake.

    That is all.

  6. A Chair in a Sweet

    Man, even I know that football is serious business yo. Also… the girls’ reaction to the dog toy task were hilarious.



    There can’t be a chair within that sweet, can there?

  7. The Integrity of the Product

    I love that Victoria pulled off that prize task twofer. She’s so far behind and can’t possibly win it, but I still enjoy her particular sense of humor on this show.

    Also, put the box and everything in the box through the tube then the tube through the box and everything in it. Excellent wording.

    Only downside: the final task was a bit dumb. Not enough time to really get anything done… and it shows when only one pair the whole time gets a match.

  8. A Couple of Ethels

    You ever been jumped oh by a 6’8” crow? … Well then maybe keep your options to yourself!

    Oh this show.

    Sometimes, Victoria, you sounds like a robot trying to be human.

    Oh… this show.

    Such bizarre scoring. Negative scores, 5 for everyone, and a 5,5,4,4,2. So weird.

  9. Nothing Matters

    So awkward. Take a phone call (already bad enough… or is that just me?) and dial it up to twelve. I’m not at all surprised either how well Desiree did—or how poorly Victoria did, even earning 4 points.

    Morgana’s goosebump solution was wonderful. :D

  10. Caring Uncle Minpict

And it ends as it started. Victoria’s dry humor landing her hilariously dead last while the rest are near dead locked.

The chaos of the title inspiring team task was pretty wonderful though.

And then… Guz and a horses head. Oh Guz. I’m going to miss him.