Review: Stargate Atlantis: Season 2

Series: Stargate: #11

Series: Stargate Atlantis: #2

Well that’s quite a beginning and ending, with a whole lot in between. One of the biggest changes is the introduction of Ronan Dex. Replacement for Lt. Ford who has a tendency to shoot first and ask questions–well, never. He’s quite the character and a good addition to the team. Interesting that the main team is half from Pegasus now.

Mini-reviews (potential spoilers):

  • Siege, Part 3: Man this is a fun three parter. I don’t care as much for the repeated theme of military taking over, but it is still a great episode.
  • Intruder: Computer virus running the show. we’ve done this before.
  • Runner: Ford’s passing of the torch to Ronon Dex. Ford never quite works and I really end up liking Dex.
  • Duet: Two minds stuck in McKay’s body. A story we’ve seen before, but I really like in particular how it humanizes him.
  • Condemned: Penal colony/execution and overzealous laws. Again, we’ve done it.
  • Trinity: McKay discovers a super weapon research station and he believes he can fix it better than the Ancients. The hubris of McKay is a great contrast to Duet and I b really enjoy the relationship between Sheppard and McKay.
  • Instinct: The first hints that it may be possible to ‘cure’ the Wraith. Also Jewel Staite, which is amusing.
  • Conversion: Fallout from Instinct leads to a return of Iratus bugs (Sheppard is thrilled).
  • Aurora: Ancients! Virtual reality! a fascinating episode and a poignant ending.
  • Lost Boys: Highs to lows. Ford is back and still… questionable at best.
  • The Hive: Teyla is Wraith-psychic. Sheppard falls for any pretty face. Cool action scenes though.
  • Epiphany: Time dilation! The way to fit a lifetime in an episode. A lot like Brief Candle from SG-1.
  • Critical Mass: Crossover, chock full of mostly minor characters from SG-1! It’s interesting watching them out of order, since the Ori aren’t about yet. The Twilight Bark analogy falling flat to a room full of SGC is hilarious. Cadman back is great. Wish she has a bigger roll over all.
  • Grace Under Pressure: McKay stuck in a jumper deep in the ocean, hallucinating. One of the best McKay episodes in the show.
  • The Tower: Of course the Ancients had more cities. And of course Sheppard’s, “I never see this coming”. An interesting exploration of what the ancients left behind.
  • Michael: I remember watching this the first time and feeling something was vaguely wrong from the beginning. Knowing just what that is just means that I can be on the look out for it the whole way through.
  • Inferno: The Ancients were really good at finding creative ways to harness huge amounts of power. It’s amusing how often they tend to explode.
  • Allies: The enemy of my enemy… Should damn will still be my enemy.

On to Season 3! Oh, I’m glad to be watching these now and not having to wait a year or more for the ‘To Be Continued…"