Review: Ant-Man

Series: Marvel Cinematic Universe: #12

Series: MCU Phase 2: #6

Continuing in the set of Marvel movies that came out after I stopped going to theaters quite so much / reviewing movies in 2014, we have Ant-Man!

In a nutshell, it’s a heist movie/comedy with superheroes!

It’s a wonderful movie, with a lighter, funnier theme than a lot of the movies. The cast is wonderful. Paul Rudd is hilarious and well cast as Ant-Man, Michael Douglas is a wonderful cranky old man scientist that’s been burned as Hank Pym, Corey Stoll is a wonderful crazy (spoilers) bad guy, and Evangeline Lilly is criminally underused. Eventually that will/should get better. But the real standout has to be Michael Peña as Luis. He’s hilarious. The ‘he said/she said’ stories told with all manner of different actors but his voice are a joy to watch. He’s just that funny.

Plotwise, the idea of searching out a smart/‘good person’ thief to do a job is both sensible and ridiculous, but it’s Marvel. It works. The father/daughter scenes are touching, the heist planning is nice. There are a few awesome action scenes made all the better by the ability to shrink.

One weird note was the scene with the Falcon. It’s totally just a set up for the next movie and as such feels kind of weird. But on the other hand, watching super heroes with radically different skill sets (contrast with the Yellow Jacket battle) square off is great.

Overall, a solid movie and a nice addition to the MCU.