Review: The Sopranos: Season 3

Series: The Sopranos: #3

That’s a bit of an odd season. The original plotline had to be thrown out on account of the actress that played Tony's mom dying , so the whole ‘do they have a case against Tony’ thing falls through. As a result, it’s not the most cohesive of seasons, but there are a few gems in here still.

Episode mini reviews:

  • Mr. Ruggerino’s Neighborhood: All sorts of crazy editing. Bizarre start to the new season. Amusing watching the FBI try to bug Tony and Tony being … surprisingly competent.
  • Proshai Livushka: Tony’s mom dies. What are you going to do? Especially when it’s the actress that died. . It would have been fascinating to see the original plot, but they certainly made it work.
  • Fortunate Son: All about sons. Christopher, AJ, Jackie Jr. So many things ramping up. Should be an interesting season. Also Janice is set up to be hated. Weird set up.
  • Employee of the Month: Dr. Melfi and her relationship with Tony is one of the best parts of this show. It’s a hard episode to watch, but oy. Quite the episode. Also I didn’t notice before but that’s Cypher from the Matrix.
  • Another Toothpick: Dr. Melfi, Tony, … and Carmela? Oy. Also awkward Artie and family troubles. Not quite as intense as the last episode, but that’s a good thing.
  • University: Oh Meadow. It’s not a mob plotline, but it’s a fascinating counterpoint. And Ralphie, like Aprile but crazier… And the whole ‘stripper with a heart of gold’ only to be shut down hard. Oh that’s an episode. The number of cuts is pretty bizarre.
  • Second Opinion: “F*** the orange juice”. Oh the Sopranos have a weird relationship. As do Christopher and Ade. Also also cancer. And bullying Doctors.
  • He Is Risen: Man Ralphie is hateable. The look into mafia rules and politics is pretty fascinating though.
  • The Telltale Moozadell: Christopher and Adriana moving up in the world. Jackie Jr is … getting in over his head. Also random AJ plotline at school. Also also I fully expect Gloria to be trouble.
  • To Save Us All from Satan’s Power: Flashbacks to Pussy, apparently the mob’s Santa? Weird.
  • Pine Barrens: Russians and a frozen night in the woods. How bad could it be?
  • Amour Fou: Crazy love. Certainly crazy something. Things are so going to explode next episode. Also interesting the conversation about the Clintons.
  • The Army of One: And so ends one problematic plotlines in true Sopranos fashion. Others only amping up. Seems a bit anticlimactic for a season finale. OTOH, Tobin Bell is a treasure (seen him otherwise in Stargate)—maybe AJ’s plot will go somewhere.
  • The Long Goodbye: Body snatchers again! Of course things go sideways. It’s quite an experience.
  • Coup D’etat: I never much cared for the human factions in SG-1, but I actually like the Genii as an adversary. I think it’s the fact that they’re a more alien sort of human.
No, okay I’m annoyed. We didn’t get anything. Ralphie is still an ass, no one is questioning Jackie’s death, AJ is in limbo, and the while thing ended with… a bizarrely long singing section?