Review: Loki

Series: Marvel Cinematic Universe: #23.3

Series: MCU Phase 4: #0.3

Series: MCU TV: #3

Another MCU made for Disney+ TV outing. After the amazing WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki had a high bar to clear. In my nutshell: they nailed it.

I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose.

Loki (the character) is fascinating. He started out a well cast mostly villain of his own in Thor and became the first recurring villain in The Avengers. And after that, he’s back again and again in each of the Thor and Avengers movies. In a universe where every other villain (even Thanos) is basically a one and done, it’s a fascinating way to do it. On top of that, he’s interesting. Over the years, he’s grown to be rather likeable (if you ignore the fact that he’s killed how many people?) and even a hero. So of course when you set him up as the protagonist of his own show… expect great things.

Combine that with a plot centered around the Time Variance Authority, a giant bureaucracy set up to maintain the ‘Sacred Timeline’. In a universe rife with time travel and potentially parallel universe shenanigans, it’s actually a pretty fascinating idea. Give it a 1950s retro future aesthetic and you get one heck of a setting.

TVA - for all time, always.

Step up another level and you have the characters. Tom Hiddleston is of course great as Loki, but the rest of the cast is wonderful as well. Owen Wilson, I had some reservations about hearing of the casting, but he really fits in surprisingly well. Sophia Di Martino as Silvie / Lady Loki / The Enchantress is absolutely amazing. I do sorely hope that we get more of all of them, if not in the greater MCU at least in another season of Loki!

Finally, twists. Because it’s Loki, you have to expect that you’re going to have twists. And oh, do they deliver. At least one per episode, which is honestly quite impressive. As I mentioned in the mini review for the last episode: This changes things.

Well worth the watch. Onwards!

Mini reviews per episode (potential spoilers for previous episoides):

  • Glorious Purpose: Timey whimey setting up the premise and all that. Hilarious. Also I love that they’re called Minutemen.
  • The Variant: Holding out for a hero. wonderful. Not to mention a few little ol’ things like Armageddon and free will.
  • Lamentis: Sylvia comes into her own and we figure out a bit more what’s going on.
  • The Nexus Event: “What an incredible seismic narcissist. You fell for yourself.” Oh Loki(s).
  • Journey Into Mystery: So many Lokis. It’s wonderful. Not to mention the developing relationships and crazy sci fi action scenes. Man this is a show.
  • For All Time, Always: Well. That changes things. I’m not sure how or when or why. But that changes things. I look forward to what the future holds.