Review: The Sopranos: Season 2

Series: The Sopranos: #2

Man this show just keeps going.

They actually lowered the amount of nudity a bit from Season 1 (as HBO tends to do), but the violence is still going strong… It’s fascinating (and solid writing) to see the fall out from the big events of season 1, along with entirely new plotlines with Janice (Tony’s brother), Richard Aprile (who’s got crazy eyes), Christopher really getting into (and out of) writing, and drama with the entire Soprano family/children. It’s quite a ride and just keeps getting better.

Episode mini reviews:

  • Guy Walks Into a Psychiatrist’s Office: Tony’s back… and crazy. Pussy’s back… and crazy. Christopher is back… and crazy. Whole lot of new crazy. Should be quite a season.
  • Do Not Resuscitate: Complications both in the Soprano family as fallout from Season 1 and new plot points revolving around race and labor disputes. Should be an interesting season.
  • Toodle-F**king-Oo: All about family. Meadow growing up; Janice, growing… Janicey? Also the return/introduction of the powder keg with crazy eyes. That will certainly go well.
  • Commendatori: Tony in Spain; quite the culture clash. Also divorce is evil… compared to everything the going on? Oy.
  • Big Girls Don’t Cry: A lot of follow through from previous thoughts. I’m mostly interested in the train wreck I expect Christopher is going through and where the ‘family from the other side’ plot is going.
  • The Happy Wanderer: Poker? Seems… small scale. Crazy eyes Aprile is still crazy.
  • D-Girl: AJ centric? And he’s all philosophical now? Sure. Christopher is bad at his relationship? No surprise. Comes back to bite him… Jon Favreau shows up. Man he was young.
  • Full Leather Jacket: Turns out Carmela has a dark streak as well! Also holy cow shooting! Excitement.
  • From Where to Eternity: Near death experiences? Superstitious mobsters? a creepily impressive medium. Carmela really dealing with her husband’s life. man it’s getting wonderfully complicated.
  • Bust Out: And that’s why you send minions…
  • House Arrest: Double your garbage back. Heh. Also Crazy Eyes causing trouble. How long until that explodes…
  • The Knight in White Satin Armor: Well. So that’s one way to end a story line. I expected things to go badly, but… So very mob politics. So much cheating. Also, “It’s going to be a while before I eat anything from Satriale’s”. That is all.
  • Funhouse: That was a truly bizarre episode. Fever dreams, death, and a slip that may be all it takes to send Tony away. Unlikely with 4 more seasons to go…