Review: The Sweet Far Thing

Series: Gemma Doyle: #3

With a sigh, I resign myself to combing through it page by page, though 502 pages is so many to wade through, and I curse authors who write such lengthy books when a few neat pages of prose would do.

– Roughly halfway through a nearly 1000 page book

The Sweet Far Thing is a doorstopper conclusion to a series, which for the most part does everything the previous books does only more so. We do finally get to a conclusion, but really, the vast majority of the book I probably could have done without.

Things that annoyed me about this book:

- Gemma

The entire book revolves around the time where she will make her ‘debut’ into society and become a woman. She has the magic of the realms at her disposal– never really explained what that actually mains. And yet she spends the entire book mind controlling her family and others around her and wining about how hard it is to actually make a descision and stick with it.

IT IS A TEDIOUS SORT OF DAY AT SPENCE. WE SPEND THE whole of our French lesson conjugating verbs. Frankly, I do not care whether it is I have dined on snails or I shall dine on snails, as I do not intend ever to allow a snail past my lips and so the entire lesson is moot.

I mean. It’s funny, but it’s just a very different sort of scale.

- Ann

I get where the whole lack of belief in herself comes from, but oh does it grow grating after a while.

“I’m sorry, Gemma.” She tries to touch me but I shrink away. “If I leave now, I can remember that day as it was. I can always believe that I could have done it. But if I take that chance—if I go to them as myself and fail…I couldn’t bear it.”

Not to mention (too late) that after the fiasco of using magic to pretend to be someone she’s not last book backfires… she does it again? Oy.

- Felicity

So it turns out that she’s actually either a lesbian or bi and had a relationship with Pippa before she died ? But this is only mentioned in the last part of the last book? I think I actually like her the most of the main trio, but she’s still very much a young adult/teenage girl.

Things that I actually liked:

Kartik’s story line and (believe it or not) even his ending (spoilers). He’s stuck in a hardest place but I think makes the most about it all through the book. So it goes.

Overall, not my favorite book series and this one in particular could have been shorter. But it’s still not a terrible reading.