Review: Smoke Bitten

Series: Mercy Thompson: #12

Series: Mercy Thompson World: #17

Two in a row! It’s like Christmas! If Christmas was chuck full of creepy uberpowerful fae…

One of the major plot threads is dealing with the fallout of Storm Cursed . Mercy and co may have won the day, but in doing so they managed to tick off a great number of very powerful beings, lost a strong ally, and may have caused some permanent harm to Adam and Mercy’s relationship. I really hated this at first–I’ve loved how solid the relationships of the main characters are in these books, letting them deal with huge problems together–but by the end I’m at least willing to see where this goes.

The other half is a return to the Fae, with underhill as creepy little uberpowerful girl randomly opening a door in Mercy’s backyard. Of course some even creepier baddy has to sneak through and cause all sorts of mayhem and of course Mercy and co get to deal with it. And although I did figure out the twist at least a bit before Mercy, the idea of Rumpelstiltskin as the big bad was pretty hilarious.

And top of that, more Wulfe.

Not mere luck. I am stalking Mercy. Of course I was around, because that’s what stalkers do, or so I’ve read. It’s my new hobby.

Oh Mercy, what have you done there… We shall have to see.

Now I’m caught up and back to waiting again, but still… worth it!