Review: Storm Cursed

Series: Mercy Thompson: #11

Series: Mercy Thompson World: #16

It’s been a while since my last re-read/listen through the Mercy Thompson books. I had forgotten just host much things had been changing on a larger world building scale in the last few books: since Mercy put herself and her pack on the line defending the people and territory of the Columbia Basin, things have gotten complicated. And dark. And did I mention complicated?

It’s fascinating world building.

I think my favorite thing about the series remains the fact that the Fae have been out for decades and the werewolves for years now. There are still a few oddities/things that haven’t seemed to change as much I think they would. But it’s great to read about. And here, with all three groups coming to the table for actual negotiations and politics? Fascinating.

I also love hearing more about goblins and witches. Especially after seeing so many of the witch plotlines from the Alpha & Omega point of view, seeing Mercy’s different background with witches (Elizaveta!) and take on their powers is wonderful. It’s fascinating seeings how big of players witches are becoming in both universes despite only very rarely being core characters / never points of view.

Also… so much more Wulfe. I… have no idea what to think about him. As with many of the very old in the Mercy Thompson universe, he actually does feel just off enough to actually be his age. And it makes me want to know so much more…

“A lot of what I know about the witches comes from Wikipedia; it told me that coven had thirteen witches.”


“I get the best spells from Wiki,” Wulfe said. “Have you read what it says about werewolves? I keep editing the article, but someone - and I think it’s Bran Cornick - keeps changing it back.”

Oh Wulfe.