Review: Stargate Atlantis: Season 1

Series: Stargate: #9

Series: Stargate Atlantis: #1

And so it begins again.

While Stargate SG-1 really has a solid place in my heart, in a way I like Atlantis even better. I don’t think it could have been what it is without SG-1, but with it, it’s made even better.

You have a generally optimistic can do attitude, backed up by McKay quite often saving the day (which is crazy coming off SG-1, I forgot how annoying he is and just how much he grows throughout the seasons of Atlantis). On top of that, the second weird (Torri Higginson) is back as the woman in charge and plays that well. I think perhaps my favorite character though (if not McKay, I know right?) is Joe Flanigan as Lt. Colonel John Sheppard. He’s a military leader that cares more for his people than for the rules (seen that before), but he’s smart (although he keeps it low key) and snarky rather than cynical as Jack could be. It’s a good mix. Teyla… I’ve never quite cared for, but she’s portrayed well enough.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Atlantis is the baddies. Where SG-1 started with the Egyptian Gods, Atlantis has … hive-mind vampires. It’s … kind of cheesy, but you know, it really works. Especially since (minor spoilers, but it’s in the first episode), it’s almost entirely the Atlantis team’s vault that they’re such a huge problem anyways. It certainly does lead to an awful good reason for them to be stuck there. Speaking of which, starting without the ability to get home? Excellently done.

Overall, there are a number of great episodes in Season 1. Rising is an epic introduction, Thirty Eight Minutes plays the Stargate’s 38 minute clock well again. There are a number of moral issues, like stealing a power source from children (Childhood’s End) and making deals with a people that want to build nuclear weapons (Underground). Also, The Storm/The Eye shows off Atlantis versus nature and Before I Sleep, alternate history fun. But to top it all off, the first 2 parts of The Siege to close out Season 1 are some of the most epic battles in Stargate, really only beaten by the battle over Antarctica in SG-1. Oh, Atlantis is good.

There aren’t really many episodes that I didn’t care for. Perhaps The Gift (I’m not a huge fan of Teyla) and to a lesser extent Suspicion (likewise).

Overall, I’m looking forward to working my way back through Atlantis!