Review: Taskmaster: Series 6

Series: Taskmaster: #6

I really like most of the people in this season. Alice Levine seems straight laced and perhaps sweet until she throws something at you out of left field. Asim Chaudhry hit the ‘you’re going to lose now’, although didn’t actually end up coming in last. Tim Vine though… oh Tim Vine. There always has to be one in a crazy outfit and he performs most of the tasks in some sort of safari outfit and hat. Fun times.

Favorite tasks:

  • Episode 1, Task 3: Make the highest tower of lemons; only wielding a knife five times. What does it mean to ‘wield’ a knife? What about another knife?
  • Episode 4, Task 3 (team!): Have the most fun in 3 minutes. Then (without being told ahead of time), exactly recreate your fun.
  • Episode 4, Task 2: Without leaving the caravan, work out how long a piece of string is. Tim Vine is ridiculous. Lobsters. That is all.
  • Episode 6, Task 4: Make the biggest announcement. Now that, that was sneaky announcing it the previous episode. Meta!
  • Episode 9, Task S: Tim Vine, make an outfit from a stationary shop; the rest: guess what pun he made. Oh special tasks that only one person had to do. Great fun.

Another fun season!